Hollywood’s professional makeup school

April 2006

Welcome to Cinema Makeup School’s E-Newsletter, which is created to keep you informed of what’s going on at Cinema Makeup School. It features news about our students, alumni and esteemed instructors.

Recent Master Program Graduates Kenneth Rizzo, Corinne Dutra, and Roberto Molina are all working as interns on the television show CSI: Miami for Cheri Montesanto-Medcalf (Make-up Department Head). Cheri is an Emmy Award winning make-up artist for her work on the television series X-Files.

CMS has been having Johnnie Saiko coming in to teach our students mold making skills in the Prosthetic and Special Effects lab. His long list of credits includes such films as; Spider-man 1,2 and 3, War of the Worlds, Fantastic Four, Aliens vs. Predators, Hellboy, X-Men 2, Men In Black, Escape From L.A., Mighty Joe Young, Godzilla, X-Files The Movie, Bicentennial Man, Hollow Man, Planet Of The Apes, Nutty Professor, Batman Forever, The Guyver, and Gremlins II.

Susan Cabral-Ebert, the President of the Local 706, Hairstylists and Make-Up Artists Union, was kind enough to come to CMS and talk with the students and graduates about the Union.

Cinema Makeup School graduates Aubrey Jensen and Catlin Carroll were featured in an episode of The Most Extreme: Transformers, that aired March 7, 2006 on Animal Planet.

Alex Noble, Character Makeup instructor at CMS, recently wrapped production on The Sentinel with CMS graduate Rochelle Kneisley assisting.He is also working on Welcome to Paradise (starring Brian Dennehy) w/ graduate Aubrey Jensen assisting and graduate Keri Payne as additional hair and makeup. Current CMS students Karin Shoji, Oribu Yokota, Hiromi Takeda, Liz Mendoza, Stephanie Gomez, Niusha Maleki, Orlando Hazaoka, Ester Yorinori, and Kalyani Thiruchelvam all put in time as interns.

Cinema Makeup School was recently featured in an article published in Dong-A Daily Newspaper, one of largest in circulation in Korea. The article was one in a series on visits to world renowned vocational schools.

Ralis Kahn, Character Make-Up Instructor, recently created 60 sets of vampire teeth for the Fall Out Boy music video, “A little less Sixteen Candles, a little more Touch Me.” His work will be seen on “Bleed all over me”, a music video for Wicked Wisdom, Jada Pinkett Smith’s band. Carlton Coleman and Dominic Alfano assisted him on that. Graduate Erin Draney assisted Ralis on a large iceberg that will be part of the final scene in Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. For the Red Hot Chili Peppers music video, “Dani California,” he created looks from the 1950’s until modern times.

Aubrey Jensen has been assisting graduate Amy Strozzi on many projects, recently they did the hair and make-up for The Gorillaz performers on the Grammy’s, as well as a commercial for Celibre’. Aubrey recently wrapped production on Grim Reaper (Key Makeup and Hair), with Catlin Carroll assisting.

Photographic Hairstyling instructor Marcel Munoz styled hair for the bridal runway show at the International Salon and Spa Expo, held February 4 – 6 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The Expo is the largest beauty show held on the west coast and is only open to salon/school professionals and students.His makeup and hair assistant team consisted of CMS graduates Nikki Greene, Maxi Kellman, Nicky Pattison, Aisha Lynch, Althea Giacomuzzi Marin, Aurora Saenz de Heredia, Ai Yokomizo, and Minhee Lee.

Graduate Sarah Kowalick has been working for Lifetime Entertainment. She did make-up for a movie entitled Trapped, which was filmed in the Caribbean and Los Angeles, as well as make-up and hair for Honeymoon with Mom. She will be assisting Graduate Michelle Bankson on an upcoming Lisa Loeb music video.

Prosthetics and Special Makeup Effects instructor, Tom Devlin, recently wrapped production on Grim Reaper (Key Special Makeup Effects) for director Mike Feifer, with graduate Dominic Alfano assisting. Tom just got home from a two-week shoot in Arizona, The Gay Bed And Breakfast Of Terror, was shot in an abandoned burlesque house that was once owned by the Rolling Stones. Tom was Key Special Makeup Effects with graduate Gage Hubbard as Key Makeup. Tom and Gage will be working together again on a low budget horror entitled Butcher House. Graduate Kazuyuki Okada, who just wrapped a music video for Japanese heavy-metal band Sigh, will be assisting Tom with the Special Makeup Effects. Night Of The Lebon Todd, is a horror feauture for Asylum Productions that Tom just finished, Gage and Kazu assisted on that as well. Tom is looking forward to the start of production on the film Legend Of The Sandsquatch, which will be directed by Lola Wallace and shot on HD.

Graduate Dominic Alfano has been busy working with American Film Institute students. He recently completed an action short, Holy Victor, as well as a thriller/horror The Summoning. He is looking forward to an upcoming film Max Neptune, a sci-fi/ action flick involving prosthetic and creature work.

Graduate Diana Yoo has been working steadily since her graduation in 1997. She works as a hair technician at Spectral Motion Inc and worked at Cinovation Studio/Rick Baker Studio from 1999 – 2004. Her credits include X-Men III, Underworld Evolution, Hellboy, Cat in the Hat, The Ring, and The Planet of the Apes, as well as many other films.

Master Makeup Graduate, Aisha Lynch, recently finished production on Joanna (Key Makeup) for Jae Hark Roh productions. She assisted Maxi… for the David Tupaz Fashion Show, during Los Angeles Fashion Week 2006. Aisha is currently working on an upcoming R & B music video. While not assisting CMS Beauty Makeup instructor Mireille Bertrand she is collaborating with photographers on her own editorial creations.

Cassandra Church, Nikki Pattison, and Aisha Lynch were the winners of the December 2, 2005 High Fashion Photographic Make-up competition. Congratulations go out to them and their outstanding work.

CMS graduate Emily Kravitz and current Master student, Pixie Acia, recently competed against each other and two other teams on an episode of Fear Factor: Freaks and Geeks.

Master program graduate, Megan Winter, has been keeping busy with student films in Utah. She applied make-up on the actors in Midnight Surprise, for Writer/Director Mario Chueca and The Deadly Temptation, for Writer/Director Marite Cochard.

Master graduate Erin Draney and FX graduate Josh Holland recently wrapped with Optic Nerve Studios on Crossing Jordan, creating silicone bodies. Erin, along with graduate Dominic Alfano, have moved on to work on the upcoming Pumpkinhead III and IV.