Hollywood’s professional makeup school

August 2008

2008 International Make-up Artist Trade Show

Congratulations to this year’s 1st place winner in the IMATS Fantasy/Beauty competition, Master Makeup program graduate Lymari Millot. This year’s theme was Greek Mythology and Lymari created a beautiful interpretation of a phoenix on model Jodie Westerman.

Saturday had CMS Director of Education and Emmy Nominated make-up artist Leonard Engelman (Moonstruck, The Princess Diaries, Batman and Robin) teaching a class entitled ‘’Perfect Beauty Make-Up: “Simply Beautiful’’ which taught everyone to create the perfect beauty makeup.  Saturday also included a booth demonstration by award winning make-up artist Nelly Recchia (Photo work done with Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Britney Spears, Dita Von Teese).

On Sunday instructor Ralis Kahn (CD and video work for Slipknot, P.Diddy, Marilyn Manson) held a class, “Blood Bath and Beyond,” showing the many different blood FX he’s utilized in his career.  He was assisted by CMS graduates Liz Mendoza and Graham Schofield. High Fashion instructor Mireille Bertrand appeared in the booth creating two beautiful examples of Runway Makeup assisted by CMS graduates Carla Moura and Jackie Murillo. Digital FX instructor Tim Turner (Army of Darkness, Harry and the HendersonsAddams Family) and sculpting instructor Jim Kagel (The Thing, Child’s Play, 300) joined us in our booth for demonstrations both days.

We thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to their craft and to all the artists that made the CMS booth and classes a cool place to check out!

Graduate Work
Congratulations to 2003 Master Graduate Amy Strozzi for her Emmy Nomination!! Amy is the Department Head Makeup Artist for Fox’s hit show So You Think You Can Dance.

Master Makeup graduate Cristina Lewis, has been keeping busy working on short films and music videos in Texas.  Cristina recently traveled to New York to work on a music video for the band It Dies Today, she created all of the injuries for a huge bar fight scene.

Renee Saia started her own makeup company for gay and lesbian weddings, Pride Makeup. She has also been collaborating with photographer Isaiah Hicks to build her portfolio and website.

High Fashion Makeup graduate Theresa Huang worked with Apl from the Black Eyed Peas for an M Magazine cover shoot. She also created the cover look for the August issue of Audrey Magazine, featuring indie singer Priscilla Ahn.

Simpat Beshirian did 2 clay-over sculptures for Decker Studios called “The Builder” and the other “In the Zone“. He also did make-up/FX for a full feature SAG film for 2 weeks in Calico, CA called “The Mojave Experiment” doing prosthetic applications, character make-up, SFX and progressive wounds on a horse. He worked with CMS Instructor Ralis Kahn on 2 back-to-back music videos for the rock band Mortiis, doing make-up on band members and monster, making and painting props, blood dressing and FX. Additionally, Simpat has been working on Steve Wang’s new project with CMS Master Graduates Kayla Barry and Andy Chavez.

Nina Dumpa just finished shooting the movie Xenoa II, to be shown in the Philippines on November 15th. Nina returned to the Philippines after her 2007 graduation and has been very busy doing makeup for weddings, debuts and special occasions. She opened a studio called “Nina’s Touch” in April of this year where she offers makeup tutorials to her clients.

Meredith Stedman has been working steadily since her 2004 graduation. In November of 2007, Stedman Artistry was named in the Top 5 Best Wedding Makeup in Los Angeles on Fox LA’s Hot List. Meredith just finished shooting a new show, “This is Why You’re Single” for TLC to be airing this summer.

Master Makeup graduate Asami Matsukawa has been hired as a Makeup Artist/Sales Representative for Tokyo Beauty, a Japanese cosmetics company. Asami also assisted at a 2008 Wella Hair Show, working on a team with J’s Hair Studio.

Gina Osborne returned home to the East Coast after graduation, she has been working with a photographer on a model search doing multiple photo shoots. Gina created high fashion looks for a benefit fashion show featuring the clothing of Walish Gooshe, who she will continue to work with on future shows.

Master Graduates Erin Dellamore and Lindsay Summerfelt are working with Boneyard FX on projects for Universal’s Halloween Horror Night.

Cinema Makeup School was excited to provide the Art Institute’s California Design College with the skills of our students and graduates for their 2008 Annual Student Fashion Show. Graduates Erin Dellamore, Jessica Tabares, Koryna Estevez, Sheyun Hong, Sonia Jiminez, Marina Mestaz, Meng-Hsuan “Ellen” Lin, Eva Drabika, Lesley Becerra, Tarra Van Wingerden, Kelsey Wirt, Priscilla Gomez, and Stepfani Talavera were among those who participated.  The event was held at the Avalon Hollywood, this marks the 3rd year that CMS has been involved in the show.

Master Makeup graduate Danielle Craig has been hired as the Key Makeup Artist for the Spanish language show “Secrotos” airing on Los Angeles channel 62.

Kana Fujioka has been working on many projects including the short films AttributeChicago ParkingMCCCVII and Shinran, as well as the feature film Chronicles of Love Unfound.

Graham Schofield worked with Creatively Bankrupt Productions on the teaser trailer for their film LAN Party Massacre, to be screened at Comic-Con 2008.

Instructor Work
Sculpting Instructor Jim Kagel recently sculpted the prosthetic appliances, as well as the plastic mask the psychotic killer wears to mask his disfigurement, for a villain called “Babyface“, the star of an upcoming film. Jim just completed sculpting a large wolf for an as yet untitled Chinese film.  He was recently commissioned to design a Mask for the company “Special FX Masks.”

Beauty and High Fashion Instructor Mireille Bertrand has recently been collaborating on editorials, fashion shows, advertising and hairs shows with NAHA (North American Hairstyling Award) nominee Maryl Velbeck. She also frequently collaborates with CMS graduates, including Haley Pace, Carla Moura, and Jackie Murillo.

Aibrush and Body Art Instructor Nelly Recchia recently completed work on the promo poster for the CW’s America’s Next Top Model.

Instructor Gayla Basehart has been busy working in television for such programs as The Geraldo Rivera Show, and The Charlie Rose Show. She’s been shooting commercials for Prop 8 and Youthful Essence, as well as promos for the Independent Film Channel.

Digital Make-up FX Instructor Tim Turner’s company the Ghoulish Gallery has been given official license from Cheney Enterprises, Inc. to do two changing portraits of Lon Chaney’s characters from Wolfman and Vampire After Midnight. Turner was also recently invited to become a director for Transworld’s 2009 HauntShow Advisory Board, which is the largest Halloween and haunted house related event in the world. It takes place March 27-29th 2009, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Instuctors Ralis Khan and Jordu Schell have been working on new masks for the Alternative Metal group Slipknot, with assistance from CMS Graduates Liz Mendoza, Troy Wheeler, Graham Schofield and Simpat Beshirian.

J.D. Bowers recently completed work on the HBO mini-series John Adams. J.D. did the old age appliances on star Paul Giamatti. This year you can also see his prosthetic work with the releases of Defiance (old age appliances), The Lost Tribe (with Proteus Makeup FX), and The Yes Man (with W.M. Creations, Inc.). J.D. also recently received a technical Emmy for the NBC series House. 

Check out Instructor Greg McDougall’s work in the upcoming releases NecrosisThe Blackout and The Forlorn. Greg is currently working on webisodes for a Horror Anthology.

Director of Education Leonard Engelman was in Las Vegas doing makeup for Cher for the opening of her performances at Caesar’s Palace. He also participated in the two-part musical showcase at the Hollywood Bowl of Rogers and Hammerstein and “Simon’s Gift”, doing makeup for the latter’s star, Julie Andrews.

Instructor Greg Solomon worked in the Mold Department for Spectral Motion on both Hellboy 2 and The Land of the Lost. He was the Key Artist for a pilot entitled The Bobby Lee Showstarring Bobby Lee of Mad TV. He also did work for the opera version of David Cronenberg’s The Fly.