Hollywood’s professional makeup school

February 2014

School News

Protégé internship at Spectral Motion
CMS graduates, Miya Aoki, Morgan Braly, Alexandra French, Nicole Kelleher, Karen “Midge” Ordonez, Anthony Parker, and Pamela Simmonite were chosen to participate in CMS’ PROTÉGÉ Internship Program at top effects shop, Spectral Motion. The group spent a month learning special effects makeup techniques from experts in the industry. Spectral Motion, headed by Mike Elizalde, has worked on many blockbuster films including Hellboy, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and Looper. At the end of the program, Mike spoke enthusiastically about the spectacular work the students did at his lab!

Mike Spatola segment for KTLA 5 News
CMS’ Chief Academic Officer lent his makeup talents to KTLA 5 News transforming Glen Walker into a panhandler. Glen took to the streets of Los Angeles to see how much money he could collect. Check out the news segment here:


Mike also recently spent a month working as the Makeup Department Head for the film, “Harbinger Down”, a sci-fi/horror film set on an icebreaker ship in the Arctic. The film is being directed by Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. part-owner Alex Gillis, and will feature animatronics and extensive makeup FX. CMS graduates Brittany Avalon (Makeup & Hair), Hailey Parker (Additional Makeup), and Patty Wang (Creature FX Assistant) also worked on the film. We can’t wait to see Harbinger on the big screen! In the meantime, take a look at some behind-the-scenes set footage here:


Brad Look Demonstration
Primetime Emmy winner and CMS instructor, Brad Look, was featured on a segment for Brazilian TV this month. In front of a CMS class and film crew, he demonstrated bruise and cuts makeup for the TV segment. Look out for the official TV clip set to air in a few months.

Joel Harlow’s “Werewolf” at CMS
World renowned makeup artist and CMS friend, Joel Harlow, took some time out of his busy schedule to put together a demonstration for CMS students and friends. In front of a packed classroom, Joel demonstrated a werewolf inspired original design. It featured a set of pointed ears and a flawless face application. Joel applied intricate lace hair pieces, airbrushed, and completed his look with a top hat and fierce contact lenses created by Christina Patterson. Throughout his demonstration, Joel answered questions from the audience about films he has worked on and his makeup techniques. Also in attendance, were film crews representing Ovation TV and WEBN Boston documenting his demonstration as part of a TV segment about CMS. Stay tuned for more information on when it will air.

Committee of China Society of Film & TV Engineers
A group of Chinese delegates representing the Committee of China Society of Film & TV Engineers stopped by CMS this month while visiting Los Angeles to attend the Oscar Symposium. The group was greeted by CMS’ Director Emeritus and Vice President of the Academy, Leonard Engelman, and his wife Esther, makeup artist Lufeng Qu, and CMS staff. The group toured our school’s facilities, took photos, and chatted with Leonard, Lufeng and staff. 

Graduate News

CMS graduate Lufeng Qu was nominated by the Local 706 IATSE Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild for her work with Mike Elizalde on Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. The awards were held this month at Paramount Studios where CMS Admissions Director Lee Joyner, Protégé contest winner Angie Starling, and CMS graduate Robert Lindsay put on their sharpest evening attire, and attended the star-studded event on CMS’ behalf. Guests to the awards included CMS Director Emeritus and Academy Vice President Leonard Engleman, Makeup legends Rick Baker, Ve Neill and Michael Westmore, and even Hollywood Actors Benicio del Toro and Johnny Depp. Johnny accepted the “Distinguished Artisan Award” with longtime makeup artist (and CMS friend) Joel Harlow. Congratulations to Joel for his award and Lufeng for her nomination!

CMS graduate Melissa Jimenez worked as the key makeup artist for the USC graduate film, “Room 731”, a supernatural mystery about WWII Japanese torture camps. The film features actors Tim Kang (The Mentalist), Yoo Jung Kim (Moon Embracing the Sun), and Nikki SooHoo (The Lovely Bones). Melissa worked on the film providing prosthetic and character makeup to all the actors.

This season of FaceOff has continued each week with phenomenal showings from some of our graduates. Still competing are CMS graduates Chloe Sens, Corinne Foster, and Graham Schofield. Tune in to SyFy every Tuesday at 9/8c to watch our graduates continue to battle it out for the grand prize.