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IMATS 2007

Cinema Makeup School is very proud to announce this years 1st and 3rd place winners in the IMATS Character competition, recent graduates Kayla Barry and Orso Balla. Kayla and Orso entered the contest along with hundreds of other students and graduates from all over the world! They both excelled in the Master Makeup program here at Cinema and received recognition for their projects in the makeup effects course.

We also had a Digital FX class at the IMATS with our instructor Tim Turner (Army of Darkness, Harry and the Hendersons, The Addams Family). Cinema Makeup is the first makeup school to offer a Digital FX course for makeup design to its students. Tim Turner has been nationally recognized for his work in this field and has been a Makeup Effects Artist for more than 25 years.

We had a Booth Demonstration going on all day Saturday by Award Winning Makeup Artist Nelly Recchia (Photo work done with Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Brittney Spears, Dita Von Teese). There were many admirers watching Nelly perform her magic.

Greg Mcdougall (War of the Worlds, Narnia, Seed of Chucky) did a screaming lifecast demonstration with The assistance of CMS graduates Gage Hubbard, Liz Mendoza and Rigo Sosa as the model. We were very impressed with the turnout for this class and many complimented our school for such an awesome demonstration! Special thanks to Administrator and Special Makeup FX Artist Lee Joyner for emceeing the event. Greg aslo appeared in the booth performing special transfer appliances, showing attendees how this new technology in prosthetics is changing the industry.

On Sunday Mireille Beltrand, our High Fashion Instructor, did a beautiful demonstration of Runway Makeup with CMS graduate as an assistant and current student Ashleigh Louer as the model.

What a great honor it was for our students to meet with the Oscar winning Godfather of Makeup Dick Smith. He graciously took pictures with us and critiqued current student Ian Lome’s sculpture as he was working on in the booth!

IMATS 2007 was an amazing year for Cinema and we thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to their craft. Congratulations again to Kayla and Orso for placing in the competition, they worked hard to prepare for the show and were very excited to participate. Thanks again to all the artists that made the CMS booth and classes a cool place to check out!