Hollywood’s professional makeup school

January 2013

The Spark Mentoring Program
The Spark Mentoring program is an awesome opportunity for professionals in all different occupations to reach out and nurture the interests of middle school children in schools across country. Over the course of 10 weeks, graduates Kate Howard (‘12) and Manya Ruhl (‘11) had the pleasure of working with four young ladies from Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in downtown Los Angeles. Each week the girls got together and practiced different makeup techniques including airbrushing, old age, burns, bruises, and beauty makeup.

The young ladies also learned the practices of sanitation as a makeup artist and how to put together a face chart. The program ended with Discovery Night. Discovery Night was an open house dedicated to celebrating the achievements of all of the students in the Spark program. It was a wonderful celebration of how hard these young ladies worked during their time at Cinema Makeup School.

IMATS Student Competition
Cinema Makeup School had 6 students and/or graduates in the IMATS Students Competition: Battle of the Brushes in Pasadena this January, by far the most of any school. On the first day of the competition the contestants took part in a battle of the elements. Each one created a fantasy-inspired beauty makeup based on Earth, Fire, Wind, or Water. On day two of the show, contestants were challenged with creating characters that could make their home in the magical realm of Oz. On the day, each contestant was given three separate prosthetic pieces and three hours to apply a complete character look.

Devan Weitzman placed first in the beauty and fantasy category with her tribal-inspired Earth makeup, and Melissa Jimenez (’12) placed 2nd in the Character category with her “Winkie” soldier makeup.

Suzy Zeytuntsyan (’12) was our only graduate competitor to receive a place in both categories of the competition. On Saturday, Suzy was inspired by the sea and underwater plant life. The blue and gold tones she incorporated into the makeup transformed her model, Irina Estyunina, into a ravishing sea goddess.

On dry land in the Emerald City of Oz, we found Suzy’s Wicked Witch of the East character recovering from her unfortunate run-in with a certain airborne house. Not your typical green faced crone, Suzy’s witch may have been ailing from the glass shards in her face, but she managed to hang on to her ruby red slippers. Inspired by the costume she put together, Suzy gave her model, Alina Zeytuntsyan, a second chance at taking out that pesky, little tourist from Kansas.

Jessica Ramos created an ice queen for the ages with her makeup on fellow CMS student Asia Cataldo. Complete with white gown and crown, Jessica’s creation looked regal enough to rule the arctic.

Margot Rocher chose water as her element, covering her model in stylized blue waves, complemented by a flowing blue dress. This water princess made a real splash on stage!

Mari Idaka (’10) created a sinister version of the classic character Scarecrow. Mari’s costume, inventively made almost entirely of raw burlap and straw, portrayed a darker side of the classic character more often associated with comic relief. On stage, Mari’s model played up the “scare” in scarecrow by slinking along low-to-the ground before snapping bolt-upright into a classic scarecrow pose without warning. The effect was a real crowd-pleaser.

Where do Winkie’s loyalties lie? As a general in the army of the Wicked Witch of the East, this Winkie was a double agent, reporting only to Melissa Jimenez (’12). With a forehead and a cheek appliance, Melissa transformed Kevin Tolson into a fantastic force to be reckoned with.  If his fierce stare wasn’t enough, no one will get past the grisly grin Melissa made for this makeup. His coat and spear where all fabricated by Melissa, and with a little help from a serious headdress this soldier makeup made everyone stand at attention.

Inspired by ancient cultures, Devan Weitzman’s makeup embodies the element of earth by getting back to where it all began. Modeled by fellow student, Mo Meinhart, this makeup evoked a feeling of power, as if she had the authority to create the ground on which she walked. With horns anchored to her head by her own hair, and a costume created entirely by Devan, this earth goddess stunned the judges.

Face Off
Be sure to check out our graduates Katie Machaiek (’09) and Wayne Anderson (’12), as well as our instructor, Kris Kobzina on SyFy’s Face Off Season 4! It airs Tuesday nights at 9pm PT on SyFy.

CMS Welcomes a Legend-ary Instructor: Miles Teves!
Miles Teves has an extraordinary resume as a creature designer—Iron Man, King Kong, Interview With A Vampire, and Legend, to name a few—that now includes one more item: Creature Maquette Sculpting teacher at Cinema Makeup School. Miles taught his first class in early December, and the results were incredible. He’s scheduled to be back at CMS for the next Creature Maquette class in May. If the sculptures from Miles’s last class are any indication, serious maquette sculpting students should take note!

CMS Rocks the American Music Awards
CMS Grad Lina Hang (’11) did key bodypaint work on the backup dancers for Christina Aguilera’s show-stopping performance at the American Music Awards. Together with a team of fellow CMS artists, including Melissa Jimenez (’12),Alex Storm (’10), Eunice Kim (’12), and Jennifer Piñon (’11), Lina did coordinated pink and silver paint jobs on Aguilera’s dancers for a performance seen by millions of live viewers and replayed by millions more on YouTube.

CMS Rings in December with an Oscar®-winner Joel Harlow
Joel Harlow, who won an Academy Award for his work on Star Trek and whose collaborations with Johnny Depp have brought in billions of dollars at the box office, visited CMS in early December for a CMS Signature Series Seminar. Joel demonstrated a retro-inspired silicone corpse makeup designed (but not used) for the movie Dark Shadows. He then returned a week later to guest instruct a special effects workshop for students from the school’s honors program The Leonard Engelman Fellowship along with Fellowship namesake and AMPAS® Makeup Branch Governor, Leonard Engelman.

Student/Graduate News
Chloe Sens (’13), who won an $8,000 scholarship as part of CMS’s Monster Makeup Throwdown at the Son of Monsterpalooza convention back in October, has been busy making the most of her time at CMS. She’s finished her special effects coursework and was chosen to do a floor demo on all three days of IMATS LA. The demo—a twist on the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz—was funded in part by sponsorships Chloe secured from PPI Premiere Products, Inc;Nigel’s Beauty Emporium; and National Fiber Technology.

Robert Lindsay (’08) was department head for special makeup effects on the recently released horror/sci-fi feature The Millennium Bug. The film was released to DVD in November and is currently available at Barnes and NobleWal-Mart, and on iTunes. Robert is currently working on preparations for a possible sequel.

Nestor Castañeda (’12) assisted on CMS instructor Mirelle Bertrand’s demo for Bdellium Tools at IMATS LA. In addition to helping Mirelle body paint CMS student Mo Meinhart, Nestor teamed with fellow CMS grad Alicia Mizrahi Siller (’10) to sculpt a headpiece and two oversized prop brushes to complete the look.

Manya Ruhl (’11) in addition to her ongoing freelance work, has been teaching makeup to students at Granada Hills Charter High School. Manya has been thrilled by the chance to help nurture new artistic talents in an otherwise strait-laced academic environment.

Daniela Martinez (’11) has been working hard since graduating CMS. She was department head on an indie feature titled In Security starring Adam and Alan ArkinMichael GladysEthan EmbryClea DuvalCary Elwes, and Vinnie Jones. Daniela has also recently done work on a photo shoot for the band Dawes and the promo for the recently released Movie 43.