Hollywood’s professional makeup school

March 2011

International Makeup Artist Tradeshow, London 2011
Congratulations to Master graduate Sunny Scarlett for placing first in the mythology themed IMATS Character Competition!!

Cinema Makeup School wowed the crowd again in London! Graduate Gage Hubbard (of SyFy’s Face Off fame) performed 2 prosthetics in our booth this year. His model, graduate Gehan Mohammed, was the subject of both of his creepy creations. The first, on Saturday, was a foam latex dried up zombie look, complete with hand appliances, the second, applied on Sunday, was a silicone gel filled appliance of a mutant, complete with schoolgirl uniform. The crowd loved the edgy factor of that particular makeup, and many a laugh and gasp were heard during the transformation. Even Neil Gorton was drawn into the booth to congratulate Gage on his show stopping masterpiece. Director of Admissions Lee Joyner (Godzilla, Mimic) was sculpting in the booth, bringing to life a huge horned demon design, complete with sweeping horns and furious emotion. Assisting in the booth was graduate Vicks Tiplady, speaking with all interested parties about the school, its benefits and what to expect while training in Los Angeles.

Joel Harlow at Cinema Makeup School
CMS proudly presented an interactive day featuring Academy Award winning makeup artist Joel Harlow. Joel wowed the crowd in the packed room when he brought comic character “Uncle Creepy” to life using a multi-piece silicone appliance. Joel then lent his sculpting & design expertise to the students in the prosthetics class.

Instructor Work
Beauty & High Fashion Makeup Instructor Mireille Bertrand has been keeping herself and many of her former & current students busy. A few recent events include the Main Stage at the ISSE Hair Show 2011 where she collaborated with hairstyling instructor Marcel Munoz, they were sponsored by MAC Cosmetics and Bdellium and underwater photo sessions for fashion editorials with fashion photographer Ming Wu. Mireille was assisted by a team from CMS: Dari A So, Ruby Gracey, Sherita Garcia, Jenny Kong, Crystal Acuna, Merissa Segedi, Krystal George, Lori Lozano, Gehan Mohamed and Teresa A Kneedler. Mireille recently completed the Sue Wong look book for Spring 2011 & fashion week  pre-show advertisements.

Graduate/Student Work
Graduates Crystal Acuna, Lori Lozano, Nicole Merritt, Lupe Neri, Kristal Pitts, Ruby Gracey, Sherita Garcia, Maria Landoni, Marcela Gonzalez, and Christina Baldemian had the amazing opportunity to work on site at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood for the 83rd Governor’s Ball which follows the Academy Awards. They were responsible for the hair and makeup for the cocktail waitresses and several female orchestra members that were working at the prestigious event.

2008 Master Makeup graduate, Julia Chavez, has been body painting/airbrushing the performance group Lucent Dossier. She has travelled with them from Coachella to Ireland; painted them for the Grammy’s, multiple red carpet events in Los Angeles and an episode of the Bravo channel’s Top Chef Just Deserts. When she is not working with Lucent Dossier, she is airbrushing for photo-shoots or working in clubs, painting go-go dancers & performers.

Eleonora Juglair, an August 2010 Film & Television graduate, is keeping busy back home in Italy. Eleonora was the key makeup artist for the movie “The Novel” by Paolo Licata, her work has graced the pages of several editorials in Volume Magazine, We and You Fashion Magazine and recently her work made the cover of StopModel Magazine. Occasionally she works as a Makeup Artist/ Merchandiser for D&G makeup line.

Another August 2010 Film & Television graduate, Carmen Reyes, has returned to her home in the Philippines where her work as been seen in top magazines such as Metro Weddings, Blush Magazine and a music video for the performer, Gary Valenciano. Carmen is currently employed as an instructor at the Makeup Design Academy in Manila.

Current Master Makeup student Katie Rolston just finished working with Art Anthony’s team on a film short and Sundance Festival submission, called Long Black Lashes. She will be credited with Lab: prep work assistance for making a huge silicone eye; On set: make up assistance and puppeteering of the eye. Many of her fellow classmates will also be receiving lab/prep work credit.

Kelli Gasaway, October 2010 High Fashion Makeup graduate is a Portland based hairstylist & makeup artist. Since returning home from L.A., she has participated in several of local events & photo shoots. Most recently, she has rocked her hair & makeup skills at fashion shows such as True Religion & Victoria’s Secret. Some of her work was also aired on TLC’s “The Unpoppables”. Her next stop? Italy, to study abroad with Pivot Point designers!

Since her January 2011 graduation Britny Olsen has completed one short film: “Perfect Match”, while most her time has been spent working as an intern at the SFX Lab Almost Human.

Jose Ramon Blanco was still completing his Master Makeup course when he worked as the Key Makeup Artist for “Good Night Sleep Tight 2: Rise & Shine“. The teaser trailer can be seen at http://horrorjunkies.com/cemetery/2011/02/good-night-sleep-tight-2-rise-and-shine-teaser-trailer/
After his January 2011 graduation Ramon had a photo shoot in Dallas with one of the contestant for the Dallas USA Pageant, in Los Angeles he recently worked on a pre- Academy Award Fashion show.

Professional Makeup graduate, Debi Taylor, is now the manager for Urban Decay Cosmetics on Oxford Street in London; Debi also just finished working fashion week.

Lauren (Elle) Favorule, a 2009 Master Makeup graduate, is currently the Makeup Dept Head on a feature film starring Malcolm McDowell, Billy Zane, David Dastmalchian and Paige Howard. Elle keeps busy working for a PR company in West Hollywood doing makeup for TV interviews for their clients. She’s had the opportunity to work with Martin Short, Jim Belushi, and Oliver Platt and has been lucky enough to assist VGS FX Company on their projects for film and television. She is signed on to two other features.

January 2009 Beauty Makeup graduate, Nicole Flynn, was the makeup artist on the short film “Grand Cru” starring Haille Steinfeld, the opening title sequence for American Idol, and for Oscar nominee Sara Nesson. She is currently preparing for the Nathanelle Couture show in Los Angeles later this month.

After graduating from the High Fashion Makeup course in April of 2010, Jennifer Pierce moved to New York City. She is working on getting into the fashion industry and has put together some beautiful work for her portfolio.

Laura Rocchigiani is instructing beauty and special fx classes at the Accademia di Trucco in Rome and will be instructing at the MKC Academy when it opens. Laura has been working with the organizers of the JusInBello Convention, which will take place in Rome from April 8 to 10, creating creatures and special effects inspired by the show “Supernatural”.