Hollywood’s professional makeup school

Julia Chateau


“I grew up in Detroit filled with talented people and big dreamers, but unfortunately have little means to accomplish what others might. The beautiful thing about Detroiters is that lack of funding has never stopped us from going after dreams, but rather it makes us work harder and think creatively about how we can achieve them with what we do have. I believe that that constant strive to think outside the box has pushed me to be better and this represents that there are still some of us creating monsters in our basements out of anything we can find for the sheer joy of creating, just like the original makeup masters did before us.” – Julia

Emperor of Racnoss by Julia Chateau:

Lexi Gilbert


“The whole thing was completed during 30 days between 20th March 2015 to 11th April 2015. I found out about the scholarship in January, but I deliberated over entering, as I wanted to really invest in a good entry, but I had limited finances. I got myself an extra job, and worked it out but as a result of this I started very late and so the project was made on a very short timescale. I feel this was actually very good as part of the learning process as I learned how to create whole projects in a short amount of time and it will hopefully be valuable experience to take with me into the industry.”– Lexi

Abe Sapien by Lexi Gilbert:

Jose Manuel Davalos


“When I was in mexico I used to help my school a lot in theatre plays me and my friends used to organize once a year, and also everytime I have a little money I trye to do more cosplay and always practice makeup, in halloween and in summer I cosplay mostly disney villains or disney characters and love bringin them to life and thinking how they would actually look and be in real life with a thatrical touch. I also enjoy a lot and like helping people making things and learning from the others.”– Jose

Lumiere by Jose Manuel Davalos:

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Jodie Taylor


“My life revolved around this project for weeks, and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. But, I’m sure, with training from Cinema Makeup School my skills will be pushed to a whole new level.
I loved the whole process, burnt fingertips and all!”
– Jodie

The White Queen by Jodie Taylor:

Andrea Vera


“The White Rabbit is a character that lives under the pressure of time, he is always late and constantly checks his pocket watch. That is why I added the clock and its mechanism to half of the prosthetic, implying that time is already a part of him.”– Andrea

The White Rabbit by Andrea Vera:

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