Hollywood’s professional makeup school

October 2011

Time Warner Cable’s Offbeat Offerings
After admiring the handiwork of the Cinema Makeup School booth at Monsterpalooza, and interviewing the graduates involved, Glenn Ross knew that he had to feature CMS on a segment of his Time Warner Cable show – Offbeat Offerings. He was so impressed with the quality of artists who attended Cinema Makeup School that he decided to come down to the Wiltern Theater and see for himself where true makeup artists are made. The final product was a three and a half minute long segment showing the CMS booth at Monsterpalooza, interviews with four CMS graduates and staff members, and an injury application by graduates Ali Mcgee and Christopher Hernandez. The video can be found on the Time Warner Cable Channel as well as the Cinema Makeup School Youtube Channel.

The Los Angeles 2011 IMATS was one to remember. There was an impressive variety of memorable beauty and special FX makeups (some of which were done by our very own teachers and grads) as well as celebrities and great deals. There were also many fantastic demonstrations, classes and lectures to observe as well as admired artists and professionals in the industry to meet. This year’s themes for the student competitions where: tribal for the beauty portion, and mythological creatures for the character competition.  Everyone did a great job! CMS students reported that highlights from the weekend were meeting the legendary Dick Smith, sitting in on a question and answer session with Ve Neill, and hearing the professionals from Legacy Effects talk about their experiences.

Cinema Makeup School Students also participated in the IMATS Student Competition section. Miyo Nakamura and Gilbert Tang transformed fellow CMS Graduate Christine Thompson into a sci-fi creation complete with full feather headdress. Julian Bonfiglio was happy to model for Miranda Jory’s monster application, and Kyung Deok Kang competed in the Character Prosthetics portion of the weekend.

All in all, IMATS was an incredible experience for all those who participated.

UCSF Turns to Cinema Makeup School Graduates for Med. School Exam
The University of California, San Francisco was looking for the perfect way to introduce their incoming students to the fast paced world of medicine. They wanted new students to feel the exhilaration of emergency situations, without putting any human lives at risk. This is where Cinema Makeup School graduate Sofia Carney and Ashley Harris came in. Using Alex Miller as a model, they created realistic injuries to be used in UCSF’s Medical Trauma Victim reenactment. They provided the school with blood pumps, forehead pieces, a replication of a compound leg fracture, and a chest piece with a blood piece. Each piece had to be realistic enough that professional surgeons could treat the injury and students would not recognize they were prosthetics. This is the second year that Cinema Makeup School students have been involved in this project.

Instructor Projects
Leonard Engelman – retired Director of Education at Cinema Makeup School and Governor of the makeup branch of the Board of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is in charge of the facial hair on “Oz: The Great and Powerful.” CMS Graduate Miyo Nakamura also worked on the film, sculpting for KNB FX Group. The film stars James Franco and Mila Kunis and is due out in the theaters by 2013.

JD Bowers – CMS instructor – recently worked on the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible series.

Carlton Coleman – While currently teaching Cinema Makeup School’s prosthetics class, has spent much of his time working in the lab to create makeup for television shows including CSI, NCIS, and House. He also worked on “Slumber Party Slaughter” – a thriller film starring Saving Private Ryan’s Tom Sizemore. All of this as well as creating a full body suit for a Danish Cell phone commercial, staring one of Denmark’s most famous actresses.

Graduate Work
Chris Hernandez – Master Graduate June 2009
Special Effects work has dominated Chris’s summer. In the past few months he worked on the newest Total Recall reboot at Legacy Effects, as well as creating silicone gel filled appliances with Rick Baker for Men in Black 3 – due out summer of 2012. Chris is now working at Legacy on Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, along with graduates Tomo Hayashi and Morgan Muta.

Liz Mendoza – Master Graduate January 2006
Liz has had a very busy year. She worked as a makeup artist on Insidious, the 2010 Horror/Thriller starring Patrick Wilson. She also worked on the latest Beastie Boys Video “Fight for Your Right Revisited” as an assistant makeup artist; she did a hair piece on Stanley Tucci and an over the top fake tan and mustache on Will Farrell. She was also credited as a makeup artist for 2010’s Jackass 3D where she worked on continuity for pick up shots on all the key actors. On top of that she has completed two projects with Academy Award winning composer A.R. Rahman as his personal makeup artist. Together they worked on the music video for “Miracle Worker” with Mick Jagger and Rahman’s upcoming project with Honda for the new “Hero.” Liz did all of these impressive projects under Natalie Macgowanspencer and her Agency – a connection she made through Cinema Makeup School!

Danielle Barkat-  Master Graduate May 2009
One of Danielle’s major recent accomplishments was acting as the Key Makeup Artist on “The Ledge” a film that stars Terrence Howard and Liv Tyler and was nominated for the Sundance Grand Jury Prize. She is now working for Kenny Myers and Lois Burwell. Dani was also welcomed into the Makeup Artists Union last year.

Gabriela Catrina- Master Graduate January 2011
Since graduation Gabriela has been hard at work in Romania with photo shoots, weddings and spreads for online fashion magazines in order to build an impressive portfolio.  Recently she designed and applied the makeup and hair for the July and August editions of “Must Have-Fashion Online Magazine.” She also worked with “Max1 Models Agency” and “Adora Studio.” Gabriela is now focusing on working in the fashion industry in New York.

Mari Idaka – Master Graduate June 2010 
Mari was chosen to compete at the IMATS competition in Sydney, Australia. CMS will cheer her on as she competes on Saturday, September 24th. In preparation she competed in and won 1st place at the “Stop! I’m not dead yet!” Zombies’ Makeup Competition.

Hailey Trifiro – Master Graduate February 2010
Hailey was recently chosen to do Halloween Horror Nights makeup at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida with Michael Burnett.

Jennifer Quinteros – Master Graduate February, 2010
JQ booked her first blockbuster in December 2010 working on X-Men: First Class as part of Mystique’s makeup team (Assisting Lufeng Qu, the department head), which carried into March 2011. She has been working on features as an application artist, working with actors like Rutina Wesley from True Blood, Michael Ironside, Danny Trejo, Kevin Sorbo and Walter Perez and some of Maxim Magazines “Top 100” to name a few.  In between films, she has been lucky enough to break into the world of commercials, with national campaigns soon to be released. Just recently, she was asked to be part of the makeup team for a new show airing on the Travel Channel in 2012.

Jules Keppel –  Master Graduate August 2010
In July Jules began working with Badkid Productions on a webisode called “Laid Off” starring Shirley Jones (yes, Mrs. Partridge herself!) and her husband, Marty Ingles, in Los Angeles. Shirley plays a very funny and eccentric grandmother (Nana) who lives with her equally kooky boyfriend (Dick) played by Marty Ingles and the webisode focuses on their relationship with her gay grandson played by Jason Edward Cook. Considering she is an Academy Award winning actress, has acted on Broadway, and was Mrs. Partridge, Jules was a little nervous, but it turned out to be one of the best jobs she’s ever done.

Daniela Martinez- Professional Makeup Graduate February 2011
Daniella began working as the Key Makeup Artist for a feature film this September. The feature is a dark comedy entitled “In Security.” She will be the personal makeup artist for actor Ethan Embry (Harold and Kumar, Sweet Home Alabama.)

LaNae Garcia Professional Graduate November 2010
LaNae started her summer on stage at this year’s IMATS LA in Passadena CA, giving a brush and makeup demo for Bdellium Tools assisting Cinema Makeup School’s own High Fashion instructor Mirreile Bertrand.  LaNae is currently working as the Key Makeup Artist for several shows airing on HMI web TV.

Nonomari Yanagida – Master Graduate January 2011
Nonomari’s work was recently featured in Bunker Hill Magazine. She was the makeup artist for the “Taken by the Light” spread in their August 2011 edition.

Mayera Abeita – Master Graduate September 2009
In March of this year Mayera was the Key Makeup Artist for a feature entitled “Death Method.” Cinema Makeup School graduates Elle Favorule (department head) and Amanda King were also involved in the project. She also finished up a feature called “The Kitchen” staring Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show.)

Dari A. So –  Evening High Fashion Graduate November 2010
Dari’s editorial career has been flourishing. Her work will be included in the September 2011 publication of Bunker Hill Magazine (US) and Étoilée Magazine (UK).

Emmy Feyeux – Master Graduate October 2008 
After graduating from the master program in 2008, Emmy moved back to the east coast and got a job as a shop assistant at a full service effects lab called Monster in My Closet in New Jersey. Ever since, she has been working on TriBeCa films and manufacturing supplies for Blue Man Group, SNL, Shrek and Phantom of the Opera. She is currently working on trying to get into the makeup artist union.