Hollywood’s professional makeup school

October 2012

CMS Shines at IMATS
The end of June brought IMATS LA where CMS stole the show with dazzling demos by Nelly RecchiaMiranda Jory (’10),Wayne Anderson (’12), Paul Garcia (’11), Christine Thompson (Master, ’10), Sidney Ponce (’11), and Curtis Foreman (Master, ’12) and a win in the student Beauty/Fantasy competition by graduate Lina Hang (’11). The booth, manned by able interns Manya Ruhl (’11) and Alicia Mizrahi Siller (’10), was a hotspot for a who’s who of makeup artists. Luminaries including Leonard EngelmanVe NeillNeill GortonCleve Hall, and Michael Key stopped by all weekend to chat with school reps and CMS Director of Admissions Lee Joyner. The presentation and looks showcased by CMS went on to grace the pages of magazines and caught the makeup world’s attention in a big way!

CMS Invades Comic-Con
If IMATS wasn’t enough, CMS packed up and went straight to Comic-Con in San Diego. The school was a guest of Famous Monsters of Filmland and did not disappoint. Reps Harry Uhlhorn (’12), Josh McCarron (’12), Miranda Jory (’10), T.J. Loza (’12), Vicki Payne (’11), Miyo Nakamura (’08), Becky Hawk (’12) and Christine Thompson (’10) put on a full weekend of makeup demos that made waves even in the wacky world of Comic-Con. The CMS/Famous Monsters booth drew a wild crowd including Bela Lugosi, Jr.Cleve Hall, and repeat visits from Giorgio Tsoukalos of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, but the real payoff came as CMS’s monsters and creatures ventured out into the crowd. Christine Thompson, in birdlike alien makeup designed by Miyo Nakamura and Gilbert Tang, became an internet sensation. Celebrity astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson tweeted a photo posing with Christine, and the publicity snowballed. Photos and video of the costume eventually became highly rated on internet forums reddit and 9gag and Christine made appearances on the website for Entertainment Weekly and Kassam G’s highly rated YouTube show.

Steve Johnson Visits CMS
Iconoclastic special effects genius Steve Johnson made a rare school appearance at CMS in August for a Q&A with CMS Director of Admissions Lee Joyner. Steve took a packed classroom on a candid trip through his history as an SFX artist, from his start with Rick Baker to his company, XFX, to his present work. The class was open to the public and drew well-known SFX artists Steve Wang and Kevin Brennan, who often chimed in from the audience to give the crowd even more insight into Steve’s work and the lives of big-time effects artists.

Pumpkin Carving as Art with Ben Peter
CMS Student Ben Peter has an unusual hobby when he’s not doing makeup and special effects. Ben uses classic reductive sculpting techniques and applies them to carving pumpkins and squash. For a special October seminar, Ben turned a beauty classroom at CMS into a pumpkin patch and led a group of enthusiastic students through a crash course in the finer points of pumpkin sculpture. Ben shared his secrets to sculpting realistic eyes and teeth and detailed 3d features on pumpkins just in time for Halloween!

CMS Goes “Gangnam Style”
CMS Students and video master Robert Lindsay (’08) collaborated on an unusual YouTube project, putting a CMS twist on the popular viral hit “Gangnam Style” by Psy. The video starred Robert along with CMS grad and intern Kate Howard (’12) and featured a number of CMS students as background dancers, notably Nestor Castañeda (’11), who demonstrated his unusual dance technique, following steps just shy of half a beat late from the rest of the crew. Robert and Kate even recruited students in Special Effects Makeup—who were still wearing their final projects—to join in on the fun. The video, which has already been seen by thousands, can be found here:http://youtube.com/cinemamakeup.

Graduate Work
Jason Henricks Graduate, Master Makeup Program, 2012Jason has been very busy, straddling the worlds of theatrical makeup and film. He worked as lead makeup for the double bill opera City of Sin for West Edge Opera in Berkeley, California. The two halves of the bill made the project a unique challenge, as Jason and an assistant created and applied “surrealistic clown” makeup based on the seven deadly sins for the first section (entitled “Mahogonny Songspeil”) and glammed-up beauty makeup for the second section, “Vera of Vegas.” Jason also recently did work for a short zombie horror film, “Prelude to Madness,” and has filled what’s left of his time with web series and photo shoot work. Jason’s next big project will be a return to West Edge Opera for their season opener in February.

Sabrina Wilson Graduate, Master Makeup Program, 2010Sabrina just wrapped working on the Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer production of The Lone Ranger, assisting Academy Award winning makeup artist Joel Harlow, on location in New Mexico.

Sonia Cabrera Graduate, Master Makeup Program, 2009
Sonia is in her third year as part of the Boneyard Effects“creature crew” under fx maestro Larry Bones. Boneyard has headed up makeup, prosthetics and (more recently) props for Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights since 2006. Sonia also works in the shop in the seaming, patching and painting department. Halloween brings long hours for Sonia, who is working in the mask department this year helping all the masks for the park performers last through October.

Natalie Hernandez Graduate, Master Makeup Program, 2012
Natalie is part of Boneyard Effects’ airbrush team atHalloween Horror Nights this year. This is Natalie’s first Halloween Horror Nights with the Boneyard crew. She described the event, which includes hours of makeup application time, as “pure monster madness.”

Maiko Chiba Current Master Makeup Student
Maiko had the unusual distinction of having her final CMS project, a puzzle-inspired mask, turned into a short indie film. The film, directed by Guy Birtwhistle and available online, follows the puzzle character as he explains how he has come to live comfortably with, and even be thankful for, his unusual appearance. You can see the full film here: http://guybirtwhistle.com/perfection/

Lab Experience

Graduates Maiko Chiba and TJ Loza interned at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. (A.D.I., famous for Aliens vs. Predator, Starship Troopers, The Thing 2011). Grad Harry Ulhorn has been working at Makeup Effects Lab (M.E.L., famous for Spy Hard, Star Trek: DS9, Voyager, TNG, True Lies). Grad Tomo Hayashi has been working as moldmaker for Legacy FX (Iron Man 1-3, Terminator 1-4, Aliens, Pumpkinhead, Jurassic Park 1-3). Graduate Morgan Muta has been working at A.D.I. as well as K.N.B. EFX Group (Walking Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, Narnia Chronicles).  Grad Miyo Nakamura has been sculpting with Steve Wang(Predator, Underworld, Kamen Riders, Guyver: Dark Hero). Graduate Miranda Jory has been working with Academy Award winning artist Barney Burman at his B2  for the Grimm TV series. It’s been a busy few months, as we have many other graduates working in labs, either interning or for pay.  Congratulations everyone!

CMS Grads/Students at Halloween Events

In addition to the students profiled in “Graduate Work” above, the following CMS grads and students have been busy working Halloween events such as Universal Halloween Horror Nights and Six Flags Fright Fest:
Alyssa Wiseman (current student)
Curtis Foreman (Master, ’12)
Samantha Ward (Master, ’08)
Hailey Allissandra Trifiro (Master, ’10)
Melissa Jimenez (Master, ’12)
Chloe Sens (current student)
Nia Michel (Master, ’12)
Danielle Baum (Master, ’11)

Instructor Work

Michael Spatola
We are pleased to announce that 30 year veteran makeup and effects artist, Michael Spatola has accepted the position ofChief Academic Officer at Cinema Makeup School. After teaching Character, Prosthetics and SFX makeup here for about a year, he left to work on next summer’s blockbuster,Iron Man 3. Other recent projects include 21 Jump Street andThe 5 Year Engagement, but he’s probably best known for being head painter at The Stan Winston Studio on some of their biggest films including Terminator 2 and Edward Scissorhands, as well as being Makeup FX Designer for HBO’sTales From The Crypt. Now he’s back here at the school as one of our main instructors, as well as C.A.O. Having been a an instructor and knowing all the student’s abilities and personalities firsthand will help Mike in his many administrative duties, which include helping students with career development. Mike has been nominated twice for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup EMMY Awards, and Twice for Best Makeup Cable ACE Awards, and is the author of The Monstrous Makeup Manual, Book 1, and is currently writing book 2.

Greg McDougall and Steve Costanza
Greg and Steve did extensive work on the newly released horror/thriller Smiley, earning themselves a spot in the film’s opening credits. Smiley is a brand new horror film about a mysterious killer who stalks internet users that unwittingly conjure him. The titular character is a man whose face has been sewn into a grotesque emoticon-like smiley face, complete with stitches. Greg and Steve created the “Smiley” character and several of the graphic deaths in the movie, under the banner of their CosMc FX company. Smiley is now showing in select AMC theaters

Mirelle Bertrand
Mirelle, as usual, has been keeping busy in the cosmetics world. She was recently hired as a product educator for Amika Hair Tools, and has also been training Sephora team members in California for hair products. In addition, Mirelle has been involved with a number of shoots, projects and demos. These include an editorial shoot for GV magazine, assisted by CMS grad Paul Garcia (’11), as well as an Apple commercial for the iPhone 5. All of this followed on the heels of a successful IMATS LA appearance with Bdellium, during which Mirelle taught a class and did a whimsical makeup demo on Nestor Castañeda (Master, ’11).