Hollywood’s professional makeup school

You deserve to feel beautiful every day.

Mouse-over to view “after” picture.

Mouse-over to view “after” picture.

Please join us for three evening sessions of personal beauty makeup coaching by professional makeup artists.

No drama. No judgment. No sales pitch. Just a new you.

Everyday Beauty for You is designed for you: a busy, working professional looking to learn to apply your own daily personal beauty makeup with a professional flair. With the help of CMS personal coaches, you will learn how to enhance your best features while speeding up your makeup routine and improving your results. We will take a close look at your personal makeup bag, and, rather than selling you new products you don’t need, we’ll teach you how to use all of its contents to the best possible effect. You will also learn timeless beauty secrets ranging from a flawless day-to-night look to a fabulous glamour makeup.

Classes form weekly. Sign up today.