Hollywood’s professional makeup school

August 2005

Welcome to Cinema Makeup School’s E-Newsletter, which is created to keep you informed of what’s going on at Cinema Makeup School. It features news about our students, alumni and esteemed instructors.

Cinema Makeup School would like to welcome three new instructors to its roster. Steve Costanza, who has an extensive film background including Key Make-up credits on films such as Napoleon Dynamite, Bam Bam and Celeste and The 12 Dogs of Christmas, teaches our Character Make-up course. Shawn Ronzio joins our Prosthetic and SFX department with projects such as Six Feet Under, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Spiderman 2 under his belt. We are very excited to have both of these artists contributing their in-depth knowledge of the industry and various skills to our students. Chris Baer also joins our Prosthetic and Special Make-up Effects department. Chris has worked on the Stan Winston team, including studio feature films such as Jurassic Park 3 and A.I. He also worked for 2 years on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Some may recall the N’Sync video for “It’s Gonna Be Me” when the boys were made into human dolls. Chris certainly does considering he did Justin Timberlake’s make-up application!

Tom Devlin, Prosthetics and Special Makeup Effects instructor, has been utilizing grad student Carlton Coleman as his SFX assistant and Dennis Ramirez as key make-up on The Dozen aka The Muffin Man. Tom was the department head of Special Make-up Effects for this SAG experimental film. Tom also has been working in pre-production on Poultrygeist, a Troma Entertainment (Toxic Avengers, Tromeo & Juliet) production. He has called upon the talents of recent Master Makeup grad student Emily Kravitz, Aimee Torres, and Hochul Choi, along with current students Dominic Alfano, Catlin Carroll and Tyler Dolph.

Ralis Kahn, another Character instructor at Cinema Makeup School, has been employing several graduate students on a variety of projects, including a short film, The Future Embrace, and a music video for recording artist Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan). In the music video, Omar Ramirez and Deena Sumner created a foam fabrication of a cocoon; Carlton Coleman made an oversized version of Corgan’s head; and Kazuyuki Okada and Aki Nonthacha made miniature set fabrications. Erin Draney has been acting as Ralis’s 1st Assistant on a variety of projects, including a horror/gothic photoshoot for Wednesday 13, a music video for Devil Driver, and on the upcoming National Lampoons film, TV the Movie, starring members from the cast of Jackass. Ralis was the Production Designer for this film; Erin made molds and did castings; Carlton helped create some breakaway props as well as casting “Little Person” ninja dummies. Carlton, along with Mike Mosher, is creating special make-up fx for an upcoming feature film titled Unearthed by Ambush Entertainment.

Cinema Makeup School was invited to participate in Los Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center’s upcoming Disaster Drill at the end of June. This “Disaster Drill” is part of a training process that was carried out by medical professionals, including disaster-response officers, victims, and drill evaluators. Students aided in this process by creating life-like injuries based on an earthquake scenario. Injuries ranged from penetrating wounds (impaled glass), open fractures, lacerations, to abrasions and contusions done in a “live action” setting. Participating students were Sandra Hakim, Andy Chavez, Riyako Katayama, Casey Ward, Akiko Tamura, Ricky Luevano, Elena Kibler, Aya Nakagawa, Ai Yokomizo, Kahyang Lee, Aimee Torres, Minhee Lee, Zena Shteysel.

On June 8th, several students from the High Fashion Photographic Make-up class participated in a fashion show held at City Hall as part of the Mayor’s Los Angeles County Reception for the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Instructor Mireille Bertrand led the team of Akiko Tamura, Riyako Katayama, Deseree Lopez-Cepero, Sarah Kowalick, Ricardo Luevano, Deborah Thompson, Masayuki Muramoto, Roselani Lozano, and Naira Tarloyan. Mireille’s work has also recently appreared in Saloncity Star Magazine in a fashion spread with the Paul Mitchell group. Mireille took a team of graduate students to the Las Vegas Hair Show 2005. The founders of the show invited them as guests to perform their make-up artistry for the “Sun Fun” show at Club 7. Alex Hernandez, Naira Tarloyan, Judy Oh, Riyako Katayama, Hata Kabashi, Akiko Tamura, Desiree Lopez-Cepero and Jung Won Park participated. Naira entered the 120 second make-up challenge at the Tropicana Hotel, and we’re very proud of her for braving the competition!

Students Dominic Alfano, Catlin Carroll, Ai Yokomizo, Aya Nakagawa, Michelle Rowbotham, Minhee Lee, Tasha Stewart and Sachie Ueda assisted our resident hairstylist extraordinaire Marcel Muñoz for make-up for a Charity Fashion Show at the Celebrity Center for a Breast Cancer event. Marcel is also nominated for Beautymaker, Role Model Citizen and Rising Star at the World Beautymaker Awards. The first and only international beauty awards show, the World Beautymaker Awards, will be at the Kodak Theater here in our own Hollywood, California. Aimee Torres assisted Marcel at the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery presentation of Broken Eggs segment of “Living Sculpture Art”. Marcel will also participated in the Sun Fun Show (sponsored by SalonCity magazine) in Las Vegas with his own team of make-up artists (including Aimee), fashion stylists, hair stylists (including our own Isis Alize), models and actors. The name of his team is Elan-et Panache (Style in the Know).

Graduate Aubrey Jensen worked with instructor Gayla Baseheart for E! Entertainment on a television reality show called “Wedding Altered” to create and apply make-up for the program. She also was Key Hairstylist on a short film for Sodium Entertainment titled Outsource.

Graduate Michelle Bankson assisted with make-up and hair for the new iPod commercials and recently assisted on the hair and make-up for the Backstreet Boys on their upcoming new music video.

Amy Strozzi was key make-up for WB Promos, including Smallville (worked on its star Tom Welling) and Everwood.

We would like to congratulate recent graduates Erin Draney and Josh Holland on being hired at Optic Nerve Studios! Erin and Josh were hired after a long vetting process and many interviews. They will be working as runners and lab technicians, being honored to work in such shops that created the makeups for Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Batman Returns, Being John Malkovich and the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead.

Jim Reiter and Erin Draney were recently part of the make-up team for Rock N’ Roll Soldiers’ upcoming video for the song “Anthem.” Keep an eye out for the behind-the-scenes documentary on MTV! Erin has actually been quite busy, being the key artist on three recent projects. In Death Valley, an indie feature horror, she was called on to create a full creature suit and head as well as do the special makeup effects, working with another grad student Aubrey Jensen. She also worked on Bad Manners, a movie trailer, and Road Reps, an indie short film as key artist.


We would like to congratulate Bria Dorsen, Niria Tarlyian, Emily Kravitz, and Jung Yon Park for being accepted into the Fantasy Makeup Competition and Aubrey Jensen for being accepted into the Character Makeup Competition at this year’s IMATS 2005 Trade Show. The Fantasy Competition was a Wizard of Oz theme while the Character Competition was based on a Star Trek theme. The talented makeup staff at Paramount Studios created the Star Trek appliances. They were actual pieces from Star Trek Enterprise. It was quite a treat for the contestants to work with these appliances since Star Trek has now ended its successful series run. As some of you may know, the convention is sponsored by the Make-up Artist Magazine. We are very proud to announce the Fantasy Makeup Competition’s 2nd and 3rd place winners, Jung Won Park and Emily Kravitz respectively. All our students did an amazing job and we are honored to have been so well represented. This is the biggest trade show for make-up artists, held annually in Pasadena, California, with such cosmetic companies as Makeup Forever, Max Factor, MAC, Dinair, fx supply houses Frend’s Beauty Supply, Kryolan, Mehron, Namie’s, Temptu Pro, and Cinema Secrets, and fx manufacturers Chavant Clays, Smooth-on Products and ADMTronics in attendance.

Talented photographers from the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara came to Cinema Makeup School for our High Fashion Photographic Makeup photo shoot. This is a continuation of a budding partnership between the two schools.