CMS In The Media

As one of the most venerable and visible makeup training institutions, Cinema Makeup School is often called on to represent the makeup and special effects communities on major media outlets from all over the world.

CMS considers outreach to the general public a major part of its mission. We appear across a variety of venues, from magazines to Face Off, to promote practical effects and spread the word about becoming a makeup artist.

Hollywood Insider at CMS

CMS with “The Wolfpack” and the American Horror Story makeup crew on VICE [warning: Contains strong language]

CMS with Joel Harlow on Blood & Guts with Scott Ian:


Media Appearances

Hollywood Insider
Business Insider
What’s Trending
InTheKnow “Techgnotic”
SYFY “Face Off”
NERDIST “Blood & Guts with Scott Ian”
VICE “The Wolfpack Goes To Hollywood”
CNBC “Treasure Detectives”
Syndication “The Doctors”
CCTV6 “Creative Sky”
TF1 “50MM Inside”
FOOD NETWORK “Will Work for Food”
REELZ TV “Dailies”
XBOX LIVE “Monster Makers”
ANIMAL PLANET “The Most Extreme”
KTLA “Morning News”
EBS KOREA TV “World Education”
RedeTV ‘Vice’ concorre a oito prêmios do Oscar, incluindo o de ‘Melhor Filme’
PGA Tour China 
Entertainment Weekly
L.A. Times
The Hollywood Reporter
Spiegel Offline (Germany) 
Screen Crush “Age of Apocalypse: Making the Coolest Cosplay of Comic-Con 2014”


Trade Publications

Make-up Artist magazine
The Artisan magazine
Fangoria magazine
Nuke The Fridge
Below-the-Line News
Beyond The Marquee



“One of the most famous makeup schools in Hollywood”
– TF1, 50mm Inside (France)

“Where magic comes to life. You can feel the energy as you take your first step inside one of the world’s best makeup schools.”
– EBS World Education (Korea)

“The most prestigious [makeup] school in Hollywood.”
– Alarma TV (Mexico)
“A place renowned for turning anyone into literally anything.”
– The Hoyt’s Insider (Australia)
“One of the most renowned schools in Los Angeles in the field of special effects…the makeup artists here are the best of the best.”
– Rede TV (Brazil