As a service to its students and graduates, Cinema Makeup School operates the Cinema Makeup Store, which provides access to all the cosmetics and materials necessary for class activities. New students may choose to purchase their school materials from Cinema Makeup Store as part of an all-inclusive beauty or special effects makeup kit or purchase separately through other means. Before purchasing materials, you should speak to a CMS academic advisor to make sure you are using the correct list. Some students who take individual classes may require additional materials to complete their class kits. Read below for a comprehensive list of available class and supplemental kits.


Beauty Kit
Character Kit
Supplemental Character Kit
Prosthetic & Special Effects Kit
Supplemental Prosthetic & Special Effects Kit
Creature Maquette Sculpture Kit
Airbrush Kit
Hairstyling Kit
Advanced Beauty Theory Kit
Additional Materials

Additional Materials

The following is a list of recommended, optional, and/or required expendable or accessory items not included in the school’s material kit. Depending on their courses of study, students may need to provide these items and replenish them when supplies are spent. Hairstyling equipment needs to be available for the week of Photographic Hairstyling.


REQUIRED Items for ALL StudentsREQUIRED Items for HAIRSTYLING StudentsOPTIONAL Items for All Students
KleenexRound brush, MediumThumb drive / Flash Drive
Paper Towels (for station set-up)Small elastics and pony tail holdersCamera
Facial Moisturizer (No SPF or Oil Free)Bobby pinsColored Pencils or Pastels
Pointed Q-TipsHair spray, Working spraySketch Pad
Eve Makeup RemoverCurling Irons (.75″ and 1.25″)Skin Primer
Blow Dryer (needed for all program classes)Fine hair pins (small and large)Skin Toner
Lip BalmComb set
Hand Towel (for station set-up, makeup removal, etc)Heat protecting spray
Notebook and pen or pencilBlow dryer
Flat clips, metal or plastic
Flat iron (1″ or 1.25″)
Pin curl and sectioning clips