For Parents

Student Support

Welcome to the Cinema Makeup School family! We encourage you to review the complete website to examine all the facts regarding our application procedures, course catalog, career counseling, loans, and the various programs that are available to your son or daughter as a resource. Our faculty, directors and administrative staff are all deeply invested in the personal welfare of each student. All offices at CMS have an open-door policy and the school works to foster an open communal environment in which students feel comfortable asking for advice and help. We want your son or daughter to have an enriching and successful experience at CMS.

Academic Counseling

Our academic counseling services are set up to aid each student when plotting his or her course at CMS to maximize the value of
the academic experience we offer. We want your son or daughter to have an enriching and successful experience at CMS. We ask parents to get involved in this process and stay connected to the CMS community. CMS believes that parental support aids student success.

Career Counseling

During school and after graduation, our career services staff works diligently to ensure that every CMS student has every opportunity to succeed. In an in-demand field like makeup, the first steps of a student’s career path can seem daunting. While we do not offer job placement, our staff does everything possible to prepare students and new grads for the transition into working life. We are tireless advocates on behalf of our students, and the school’s active industry connections make that advocacy all the more effective. Determined, hard-working students go on to work on some incredible projects. If you’d like, view some of our graduates’ credits.


CMS works with local hotels and communities to offer the best pricing for our students. For a list of available housing around CMS, please visit the following link.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a major urban center. It offers unparalleled cultural opportunities and experiences that cannot be had in any other place on earth. Like any other large city, there’s no way to turn L.A. into a completely safe environment, but—for newcomers to the city—attending classes at CMS offers a built-in social support network. Our community of students, instructors and staff is genuinely tight-knit. It is not uncommon for students to form lasting friendships and continue to live in close proximity and support each other even after they graduate. Our faculty and staff have a sincere interest in the safety and well-being of each student, and we do everything we can to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities of city life.