This class teaches students basic beauty techniques, film and television glamour, and period beauty. Beauty makeup classes provide the background in beauty essential to makeup artists of all disciplines. Far beyond an ordinary beauty school for makeup, Cinema Makeup School students will learn skills that can be used in commercial, retail or personal capacities.


Beauty Makeup Tuition

Lab Fee




*CMS Materials (suggested)







4 Weeks140 Clock HoursMon – Fri



This class is included in the Master Makeup Diploma Program and the High Fashion Photographic Makeup Program. There are no prerequisites. 


Materials are required for class. Students are welcome to purchase pre-packaged makeup kits from Cinema Makeup School or may choose to put together a makeup kit on their own. Click through the makeup kits below to see required materials.

Makeup Case
Zuca Sports Makeup Case
Brush Set
Brush Roll
Taut Liquid Facial Cleanser
NYX Foundation (4)
NYX Foundation Mixer (3)
NYX Jar Concealer
NYX 3C Palette
Hand Sanitizer
Brush Cleaner
Hair Clips (4)
Bottle Caps (4)
99% Alcohol 6 oz
Eyelash Curler
Ben Nye Aqua Colors
False Eyelashes (6)
Eyebrow Pencils (4)
NYX Lip Pencils (7)
NYX Eye Pencils
Pencil Sharpener
Flat Spatula
Metal Palette
NYX Mega Lip Gloss
NYX Black Eyeliner
NYX Mascara
Disposable Mascara Wands
Taut Brow Control
Small Scissors
Eyebrow Tweezers
Metal Cups
Kryolan Concealer Palete
Face Moistened Tissue
Lipstick Palette (3)
NYX Glitter Primer
Glitter (5) Rose, Silver, Gold, Ice, Blue
Crème Foundation Pot (8)
Ben Nye Cream color (5)
Invisible Matte Finishing Powder
Blusher Palette
Eye Shadow Palette (2)
Translucent Powder (2)
Set Bag
Makeup Sponges (2)
Powder Puffs (10)
Lipgloss Palettes
Contour Palettes
Hair Comb Set
Small Cape
Spray Bottle
Makeup Book
Color Theory Book/Color Wheel
Disposable Palette
CMS Shirt