2017 Next Level of Cosplay: Scholarship Spotlight- Isaac Romo


Ever since cracking open a Fangoria Magazine, Isaac Romo has been obsessed with everything horror! Teaching himself how to make creatures by watching online tutorials and shows like Movie Magic, Isaac would work at haunted houses to practice his skills. His love of horror is apparent in his entry for The Next Level of Cosplay; Xiall from “Court of the Dead”, a ghastly, skeletal figure with lots of detailing. The Court of the Dead, a universe based around intricate horror and fantasy sculptures, was great source material for Isaac. He was able to take something that only existed as collectible figurines and art and turned them into a life-sized creation.

For his entry he did a face cast of his model, later adding modeling clay to it and creating an appliance that he built a helmet around. In addition to the intensive makeup design, he also painted the bodysuit of his entry and created the armor using eva foam,papier-mâché and Styrofoam 

There are no bones about it, this entry is dripping with artistry and grace, be sure to watch the video to see more method behind the madness!