Angel of Death from Hellboy 2 Cosplay Entry by Ketevan Chantadze

2017 Next Level of Cosplay: Scholarship Spotlight- Ketevan Chantadze

Georgian-native, Ketevan Chantadze decided to create the Angel of Death from Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Already working in beauty make-up doing wedding and special events, Ketevan Chantadze was not artistically fulfilled.

Ketevan’s former work.

What drew her to making such a dynamic character was the innovation and artistry necessary for creating creatures despite the lack of resources for practical effects in Georgia. For her makeup design, Ketevan made the face of the angel out of latex and wax and mimicked the fossilized texture of the original character. In addition to creating each feather out of paper and hand painting them, she also figured out how to make a pneumatic device out of a  wood pump that spring open the wings of her angel!


To see more of Ketevan Chantadze’s process and how the wings of her creature work, be sure to check out the video.