Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean Cosplay by Lexi Gilbert

2017 Next Level of Cosplay: Scholarship Spotlight-Lexi Gilbert

Ahoy Mateys! For the 2017 Next Level of Cosplay Scholarship we are featuring each of the five finalists with a spotlight. From across the pond in Devon, England, we have Lexi Gilbert and her Davy Jones cosplay from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Lexi decided to take on the challenge of Davy Jones because the character was originally an entirely CGI creation. She was determined to create a character with a multitude of details! For her entry Lexi not only sculpted and cast every piece of her appliance but she was very innovative with every element of her costume.

She made her claw using papier-mâché and garden wire, collected seashells from the beach near her home and the heart was constructed from a cheap stress ball she altered to look like a realistic organ. On top of these finds, she weathered fabric with a cheese grater and glued on over 700 seashells. Shiver me timbers!

Watch Lexi’s excellent behind-the-scenes video or WALK THE PLANK!