Cinema Makeup School Cosplay Makeup Demos at Anime Expo!

This Fourth of July holiday, we had a BLAST showcasing our amazing students work at Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention center. Anime Expo, which is the largest anime and manga convention in North America, was packed with people from all over the world. Our students did four different makeup appliances as well as a body painting demo for onlookers on the convention floor.


This makeup was designed and sculpted by CMS alumni, Joe Miranda. Miranda’s dragon-like makeup, Helion was applied by fellow CMS alumni, Peyton Mergele and portrayed by Strange Dave.


Strange Dave certainly lived up to his name as he walked through anime expo, slithering around and posing with fans.

Joe Miranda also designed this tree-creature makeup, Tenebris. In addition to designing it, he portrayed the character and was made-up by Peyton Mergele.


Emma Gregory was transformed into “Jerry”, a kelpy fish -monster by CMS Alumni, Erin Koskella. Despite the makeup’s numerous teeth, we made sure to keep Emma well-feed while we applied her appliances.  

We also had a great self-transformation by Jose Davalos (@jooskellington) into the Hatbox Ghost from The Haunted Mansion.

People gathered around as he became more and more ghastly by the minute.

In addition to our makeup transformations, Gabi Gonzalez created amazing Motoko from Ghost in the Shell body painting demonstration.


We had a great time at Anime Expo and hope to attend next year. We will see you next week at San Diego Comic Con!!!