CMS at Monsterpalooza 2019

This past weekend Cinema Makeup School attended the industry convention Monsterpalooza at the Pasadena Convention Center for three days with 5 demo artists and a team of staff. Monsterpalooza is one of the industry’s leading conventions internationally for film, makeup, special effects, collectibles art, and so much more.

*Makeup by Kelton Ching,assisted by Emilia Black on Angel Lin

The Weekend 

CMS Director of Education Ve Neill, was present at the school booth as well as at the Premiere Products, Inc. booth throughout the weekend visiting fans and industry professionals. Multiple CMS instructors and graduates were also running booths, providing makeup demos and connecting with industry professionals such as Rod Maxwell, Sven Granlund, Steve LaPorte & Mike Spatola.

Many of our current students were also convention volunteers or working for brands as representatives, which made It seem as though CMS was truly embedded in every aspect of this industry event.

*Makeup by Eve Lin assisted by Catherine Besler on Ally Smyers.

The first two days of Monster were scheduled with a variety of makeup demos from graduates like Kelton Ching who brought to life his representation of the Chinese Goddess Nu Wa with the help of his assistant Emilia Black on model Angel Lin. Sunday was also stacked with graduates and instructors who have exhibited at conventions before such as IMATS 2019 and Wondercon 2019- revamping their concept design to elevate the application this time around.


The Cinema Makeup School booth had countless attendees float by the booth and stop to watch the behind-the-scenes process of making a a full special makeup effects concept come to life and meet Ve.

CMS artists prepped for a few months prior to this event, scheduling everything out and prepping to ensure a smooth application at the con with materials such as silicone and foam latex appliances, and full costuming.


*Makeup by Rebecca Vandervort assisted by Cassidy Donadio on Abbie Lill, and by Sutton Todd & Meghan Itani on Alyssa Holbrook.

*Makeup by Lydia Morales assisted by Jacob Stone on Alyssa Holbrook.


As expected, Monsterpalooza was an unforgettable experience this year; CMS seemed to saturate a decent portion of the con, ensuring the school is continually represented in the industry. Special thanks to the staff and crew that coordinated the event and made show possible.

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