CMS Graduate Curtis Foreman Does Amazing Work On CBS Series ‘ZOO’

CMS graduate Curtis Foreman has been doing great work since graduation! Curtis is the Key Makeup & Special FX Makeup Artist for the new CBS TV series ‘ZOO’. The show premiered Tuesday June 30th on CBS and is scheduled to air Tuesdays at 9pm.

Outside of his work on ZOO, Curtis currently works with Emily Lazar, of the rock band September Mourning, as her makeup and wig artist. Curtis has had a stellar career in the hair and wig industry. He has worked with Larry Bones, of Boneyard FX, as Department Head of Hair & Wigs for Halloween Horror Nights and has done amazing work on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6.

Here’s what Curtis had to say about his work on ZOO:

How did you come across such a great opportunity?

For me, key to receiving opportunities like this is to never give up and say yes to all makeup jobs. All gigs are great opportunities. You never know whom you are going to meet. You could be at the right place at the right time. Also, never limiting yourself to just one type of makeup and networking at different makeup conventions, and makeup classes. For me, social networking has been awesome. Friending other makeup artists is great. Just be open to all avenues of the Makeup industry and other Artists will notice and recognize your interest and motivation in becoming the Makeup Artist you want to be. Something very very important is to have great & awesome pictures of all your work, other artists’ love seeing your work. 

What was it like working on ZOO?

Well it was absolutely amazing! I had to pinch myself to remind myself I wasn’t dreaming cause it is a dream come true for me. Being Key Makeup Artist & Special FX Makeup Artist is a really large responsibility. Your work, your skills, and your talents are always looked at  with expectations of awesomeness so it was a bit challenging at times always focusing on being the absolute best I could be. I always referred back to all the skills and lessons I learned from all the wonderful teachers at CMS. All my textbooks from CMS came in very handy. The gorgeous animals were just amazing and I stood in awe when they were present. So all in all working on ZOO was an awesome and fulfilling moment in my career as a Special FX Makeup Artist. 

What was your favorite project on the show? and why?

I have to say I have a weak spot for making wounds and doing corpse makeup, it may be because I love my zombies. But, my favorite projects would always be the research I had to do to find what different types of wounds & corps look like and repeat what I saw on a live body. Also, figuring out what makeups and materials were necessary to achieve the final project. 

ZOO is a sci-fi show about animals retaliating against humans through attacks all over the world. The show is based on a best seller written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. Aside from it being entertaining, the show is a commentary on societies abuse against the environment.

Tune in to see all the cool special FX makeup Curtis has done on the CBS TV series ZOO!