CMS makes an appearance on VICE!

CMS recently made an appearance on the VICE episode The Wolfpack goes to Hollywood. The Wolfpack is a documentary about six brothers who grew up in isolation. Their only connection to the rest of the world was film. They spent most of their time studying and recreating their favorite films. The success of the film allowed them to visit Hollywood for the first time ever!

VICE follows the Wolfpack through Hollywood as they visit some of their favorite movie sets and directors. Their Hollywood trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Cinema Makeup School! CMS was honored to give the Wolfpack a tour of the facilities. Eryn and Mike Mekash, Joe Badiali, and Carleigh Herber, Mike Spatola, and Rod Maxwell give the guys a hands on lesson on Hollywood film makeup! They even did an awesome slit throat blood demo!

To watch the complete VICE episode, click here.