Comic-Con 2015!

Comic-Con has come to an end! This year the CMS crew consisted of Thanos from Marvel Comic Books, Diablo from the Diablo video game series, a Fosh alien from Star Wars, and a Kaleesh female sith warrior from Star Wars. The crew drew a lot of attention from media, specifically the towering Thanos and Diablo. Thanos interviewed with Screen Junkies where he discussed the Infinity Gauntlet and fried chicken. IGN described Diablo as “a cosplay that will give you nightmares!”. Diablo isn’t a character you would want to bring around your kid, unless you want to make them scream. Roger Ebert wrote a compelling article about his experience at the CMS booth. “You’ll be hard pressed to find better costumes at SDCC,” he says. All of the characters were designed and built by students, alumni, and staff. If you missed this year’s Comic Con, CMS will be back at Comic-Con 2016!