ComiConverse gives CMS high praise for Comic-Con character designs! gives CMS high praise for the Comic-Con characters of this year, and the past. They describe Kaleesh from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens as inspirational, Joker as one of the most detailed and creepy designs, and Thanos and Lady Death as an eerie ensemble. ComiConverse writer, Louis Waldron accurately captures the mission of CMS as he says, “The Cinema Makeup School aims to provide students with all of the skills needed to succeed as makeup artists and to give them a solid foundation for any job they seek.”

With all the fuss about the new X-men: Apocalypse movie the CMS Apocalypse character from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 had to make an appearance. The CMS Apocalypse design has been getting a lot of attention over social media. A lot of people would agree with ComiConverse when they say “the design from CMS is, in our opinion, better than the movie version.CMS is always proud and amazed that students are well trained and prepared to create professional film quality characters.

Comic-Con may have just ended but it’s always on for CMS as they begin brainstorming more awesome designs for Comic-Con 2016!

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