French Documentary “World of Toys” visits CMS

This week,a French documentary filmed an episode of “World of Toys” at Cinema Makeup School. The documentary will highlight the international appeal of toys and each episode will be shot in a different city. They’ll be visiting China, Japan, France and the the United States and exploring such toy factories behind  Playmobile, Pokemon, and Transformers. While they were in California, they were interested in bringing the Monster High toys to life, Natalie Creek and her mother, Monica were transformed into monsters for the occasion. Our academic adviser, Lee Joyner showed the film crew and mother-daughter team around the school, even getting a sneak peek at our comic con creations.


After the tour Chief Academic Officer, Michael Spatola and CMS Alumni, Erin Koskella got to work on the weirdest mommy and me makeover!  

Monica was first to go under the brush and Mike and Erin went with a “Beetlejuice-inspired” zombie creation.


As they added appliances and painted her up, Natalie asked the team questions about the process. She even helped transform her mother by helping apply some of the makeup on Monica’s hands.

Even though Natalie was watching Mike and Erin transform her mom, she was still blown away by her mom’s creepy transformation. 

Then it was time to transform Natalie into her favorite Monster High character, Rochelle Goyle, the gargoyle character. Mike and Erin, speckled her face with paint to achieve granite texture. After they textured her face.

Natalie gets a granite texture  

Erin completed the makeup by doing an electric pink-themed beauty look.

After getting into a Rochelle Costume, Natalie and Monica posed together as their new monster identities. 


These MonSTARS were such a delight to have by and we can’t wait to watch the transformation on France 4 sometime in late fall!  For updates on what are school is doing be sure to join our newsletter: Subscribe to our mailing list

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