LACC 2018 Recap

Cinema Makeup School Update: SDCC 2018 was a success!

Last weekend’s Cinema Makeup School ventured to Los Angeles Convention Center to exhibit at Los Angeles Comic Con for the first time. At Booth #1927, Cinema Makeup School debuted artists new to the convention scene, including two 2017 NYX Face Awards winners!

LACC 2018 Recap – Cinema Makeup School arrives at LACC for the first time
Photo by Jaime Lim

Recreating Special Makeup Effects finals

Day 1 of LACC (formally Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo) featured work from artists Kaitlin Lyerly and Su Ming Yang. Both students debuted original creatures first created in their respective Special Makeup Effects classes. Their class finals made waves on Instagram back in September. So it was no surprise that their LACC recreations did as well. Both students are currently in their final class at Cinema Makeup School, Advanced Lab Techniques.

LACC 2018 Recap – Artist Kaitlin Lyerly sets out of the booth to put some final touches on her creature
Photo by Jaime Lim

“Carpe Demon”

Lyerly and Yang weren’t the only artist new to a Cinema Makeup School convention booth. The two conducted their first demonstration for Cinema Makeup School along with fellow students Lara Wirth and Angela Ruiz: 2017 NYX Face Awards winners from Australia and Spain, respectively. We’ve enjoyed getting to see the incredible work produced by these two artists this year. So, you can imagine how excited we were to see them team up for a makeup demonstration on Saturday and Sunday. The two did not disappoint with their “carpe demon”: Aralalegna.

LACC 2018 Recap – An LACC attendee captures Lara Wirth and Angela Ruiz in action
Photo by Jaime Lim

Encore demonstration

Artists are never satisfied with their own work. There’s always something to improve upon. Winner of the 2017 Rick Baker Legends of Creature Design Scholarship, Yun Nam is no different. After debuting the original creature design at Monsterpalooza earlier this year, graduate Yun Nam spent weeks making adjustments. She finally returned to the convention stage with Unenlagia last Saturday and Sunday.

Well worth the wait.

LACC 2018 Recap – CMS Director of Education Ve Neill taking a photo with fans
Photo by Jaime Lim

Special thanks to the artists who helped assist demonstrators: Nicholas Alvarez, Joselle Mortorff, and Judy Baek. Without them, the rest couldn’t have been possible. Additional thanks to our Director of Education, three-time Academy Award-winner Ve Neill, for taking some time away from set and school duties to support our artists. Lastly, thanks to the media outlets covering Cinema Makeup School at LACC and showing off these talented artists.

LACC 2018 Recap – Artist Kaitlin Lyerly and her creature with the Women of Wrestling
Photo by Jaime Lim


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