Road To Wondercon: Grendel

#RoadtoWonderCon 22 Days Out 

WonderCon is creeping up at the end of the month, and our demo artists Sutton, Meghan and Karah are deep into their process finishing their sculpts of the special makeup effects creature “Grendel.” After weeks of preparation, this team has fleshed out their concept and hit the ground running in full force to ensure that this creation truly comes to life.


Introducing: Sutton, Kara and Meghan 

Pulling from Viking inspiration and history these ladies have come up with a concept that brings the ancient to present day with a twist.

“I wanted to like immediately get going, so we made a nice schedule which we have been trying to follow as closely as possible but I feel pretty good, I feel like we are on track. As long as I keep the team on track that is all that matters, I think we will be good!” -Sutton


Organization and implementation of a strict schedule are key in ensuring these artists (and all artists) are prepared to the best of their ability for their final application at WonderCon. Collaboration is something that thrives fully in the makeup industry. These CMS grads not only connected with each other to come up with this epic monster, but also linked up with other artists in different industries to creatively conceive Grendel.



“We actually have my cousin, who is an amazing cosplay designer, make us some pretty cool hooves so that is what I am really excited about, to work with her since she makes so many cool furry suits which seems to me to be like sewing x1000000 its really cool because I never thought we would work together coming from two different worlds, and yet here we are coming together.” – Karah

As these artists finish up their final details in clay, they prepare to mold their (many) prosthetics and keep chugging through their timeline to run foam and prep for their test makeup application in two weeks.

Check back for updates about these artists and their Road to Wondercon 2019!

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