Summer Special FX Boot Camp for Teens !

CMS starts its final Summer Special FX Boot Camp of the year! Boot Camp is an exciting new program specially tailored for teens interested in exploring the art of Special FX make-up. This week-long program teaches students a range of makeup techniques, from cuts and bruises to prosthetics. Activities are led by well-know artists including some of our graduates from Syfy’s Face Off!

At the end of the program, students take a field trip to a major Hollywood effects lab and have a graduation celebration where student work is displayed for family members to rave about! Special FX Boot Camp sessions have filled up quickly. Boot Camp will return full throttle next summer! AND there will be more sessions to keep up with the high demand for this summer program.  Students are traveling from all over the world for the most fun and creative boot camp of the year!

For more information on CMS’s Summer Special FX Boot Camp, click here.