The Road to WonderCon: The Blue Dragon

#RoadtoWonderCon 15 Days Out 

As the days go by, it gets closer and closer to our demo artists’ time to shine center stage at the CMS booth at WonderCon 2019.

Graduate PothMolita Dou – also known as Apple, has assembled a team to help tackle the task of creating the Blue Sea Dragon in a humanoid form. She has been working tirelessly to ensure that her sculpts are prepped for molding this week.

“I was inspired by the blue sea dragon, we call it the blue slug – I was scrolling on the internet and I came across this creature and was wowed by its beauty, so I knew I needed to do something about it. …When the school announced WonderCon, I realized I wanted to do it and just started sketching.”

WonderCon was something that Apple had her eyes set on and having previously applied last year to be a demo artist she is confident now that she has the skills to carry her and her team into the realm of fantasy into a matter of weeks.

“I was super excited that CMS was interested in my makeup. This is the best moment ever, my whole career being a student, it is a privilege to be representing the school at the convention.”

Meet The Team 

Jacob Stone came on board to the project early on, as a recent graduate of CMS (Congrats Jacob!) has helped Apple in the lab to complete sculpts, make molds and assist in any way he can. Jacob will be assisting Apple in the application of the Blue Sea Dragon on Saturday of the convention.

Yun Nam has lent her skills to Apple to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on schedule. Yun is a veteran convention demo artist for CMS and knows what to expect when it comes to the prep and pressures of conventions.


Sarah Chapman and Nick Alvarez have also hopped on board to share some of the work load with the team. Both working on a variety of projects since graduating CMS, have come ready to share their techniques and skill sets with the rest of the team to expand creativity and keep the schedule on par.

Check back for updates about these artists and their Road to WonderCon 2019!

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