What is the Protégé Lab Internship?

Here at Cinema Makeup School, we have collaborated with some of the best Hollywood effects labs around the world to create our Protégé Lab Internship Program.

This highly coveted program offers our recent graduates the privilege to work alongside leading effects artists working on major motion pictures – a one of a kind opportunity for anyone desiring a career in an FX lab.

This internship program is extremely selective, and is based on passion, drive, teacher recommendation, and fulfillment of our 8 week Special Effects program here at CMS.

Here are two labs we have recently collaborated with as Protégé partners:

Ann Chang


Amaglamated Dynamics, known for Alien vs. Predator, Batman vs. Superman, The Incredible Hulk, and Jumanji  is an extremely well known effects lab located right here in Los Angeles, and a partner of Cinema Makeup School’s Protégé Program.

One of our graduates gave us a brief overview of what it is like working at ADI:

“I would for sure recommend [Protégé],” recent graduate and recipient of the internship, Ann Chang, told us. “People at ADI are very patient and explain the purpose for doing things the way they do.”

She went on to explain how working in the industry environment forced her to learn exciting new techniques and push her skills to new limits.


Millennium FX, known for Dr. Who, Saving Private Ryan, Gravity and Frankenstein is also one of our Protégé partners. The lab is located 40 miles northwest of London, England—yes you read that right…we sent our graduates to the UK!—and creates not only prosthetic and SFX makeups, but also animatronics.
Katherine Ridgewell“Getting the opportunity to intern for Millennium FX was a childhood dream come true. I’ve wanted to work on Doctor Who since I was a little kid, and seeing that dream come to fruition was better than anything I could have imagined.

I’ve grown immeasurably as an artist and become much more sure of my capabilities. One of the things I love about my school is that CMS provides life-changing opportunities for its graduates. I couldn’t have had a better experience.”

– Protégé recipient Katherine Ridgewell