With over 15 years of experience as a makeup artist, Bria Danielle brings her well honed skills and on-set experience to CMS, as well as an enthusiastic desire to help teach aspiring makeup students from around the world. Her fine artist background lends a steady hand to her makeup work and to her educating style. Bria has worked with such agencies and companies as The Wall Group, Celestine, Starworks, Laura Mercier, Ardell, Paramount, and FullScreen. She is one of the original Beauty Pro’s with the the on demand beauty service GLAMSQUAD, and works regularly with celebrities and influencers both on set and on social media. Along with her work on film, TV, commercial, print, and new media, Bria is fluent in Special Effects Makeup and Character. She enjoys teaching students how to create realistic old age makeup and injuries, as well as cinematically creepy gore and Special Effects. Having graduated from CMS in 2006, Bria is overjoyed to be a part of her school’s educational team and Alumni.

Credit 1: Brie Larson

Credit 2: Makenzie Zieglar

Credit 3: Jesse Page

Credit 4: Indiana Massara

Credit 5: Lauren Giraldo

Credit 6: Channing Tatum

Credit 7: Lauren Orlando

Credit 8: Brooke Butler