As a service to its students and graduates, Cinema Makeup School operates the Cinema Makeup Store, which provides access to all the cosmetics and materials necessary for class activities. New students may choose to purchase their school materials from Cinema Makeup Store as part of an all-inclusive beauty or special effects makeup kit or purchase separately through other means. Before purchasing materials, you should speak to a CMS academic advisor to make sure you are using the correct list. Some students who take individual classes may require additional materials to complete their class kits. Read below for a comprehensive list of available class and supplemental kits.


Beauty Kit
Character Kit
Supplemental Character Kit
Prosthetic & Special Effects Kit
Supplemental Prosthetic & Special Effects Kit
Creature Maquette Sculpture Kit
Airbrush Kit
Hairstyling Kit
Advanced Beauty Theory Kit
Additional Materials

Character Kit

Character Makeup Book
99% Alcohol 8oz (2)
Pros-Aide 6oz. (2)
Isopropyl Myristate 6oz. (2)
Bald Cap Latex 6 oz (2)
Bald Cap Sponges
Medicine Cups
Wool Crepe Hair (6)
Vinyl Bald Cap
KY Jelly
Large Cape
Ivory Hair Color
PPI Spirit Gum Adhesive
Bruises Color Wheel
Rigid Collodian 1 oz
Telesis 8s Adhesive
Telesis 8 Thinner
PPI Tooth Color
Chip Brushes (5)
CMS Canvas Bag
Rubber Grease Paint Palette (2)
Acetone 2 oz
3D Gelatin 2oz
Skin Saver Lotion
Castor Oil 1 oz
PPI Hi-Def Matting Spray
Black Sponge (2)
Old Age Stipple
Orange Sponge
Hair Scissors
Small Scissors
Large Tweezers
Liquid Blood 2 oz
Gel Blood
Synthetic Brush Set
Powder Puffs (4)
Makeup Sponges (2)
PPI Skin Illustrator Palettes (2)
3rd Degree Silicone 1 oz.