Gary Archer originally from the UK, is a Los Angeles based makeup artist/dental technician who has specialized in the creation, design and fabrication of dental prosthetics and oral appliances for almost 400 films, television shows and theatrical productions. Some of his past and most recent works have been the iconic AUSTIN POWERS teeth, the legendary BLADE fangs, and several custom dental prosthetics for ON BECOMING A GOD IN CENTRAL FLORIDA Gary’s studio, G.A.Enterprises, offers custom dental prosthetic services all across the US, Canada and throughout Europe via our affiliate partners.

Credit 1: Spider-Man: No Way Home (dental prosthetics: USA) (2021)

Credit 2: Saved by the Bell (TV Series) (dental prosthetics – 10 episodes) (2020)

Credit 3: Watchmen (TV Mini-Series) (dental prosthetics – 9 episodes) (2019)

Credit 4: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV Series) (dental prosthetics – 10 episodes) (2019)

Credit 5: Uncut Gems (dental prosthetics: Adam Sandler) (2019)

Credit 6: American Horror Story (TV Series) (dental technician – 5 episodes) (2016)

Credit 7: American Sniper (dental prosthetics designer) (2014)

Credit 8: Californication (TV Series) (dental prosthetics – 15 episodes) (2012-2013)