How to Become A Makeup Artist


If you’re starting to look at makeup schools, chances are you’re beginning to look at makeup not just as a hobby or even a passion, but as a potential career. At Cinema Makeup School, we’re often approached by students, parents and even graduates looking for advice on taking the next step in the makeup world. Going to school is a big and important step. With the proliferation of makeup schools nowadays, some basic level of professional training has become a pretty common expectation for new makeup talent looking to work professionally. Going to any particular school will never assure your success, but choosing a school that challenges you is a strong way to start your makeup journey.




In our twenty-plus years training artists for all facets of the makeup game, we’ve come to learn that there is no one path to success. In fact, different makeup artists have different definitions of what “success” even means. Some have visions of gold statuettes and department head credits, others want to see their work light up a high fashion runway, and others simply want to see how many cool ways they can spray fake blood around on screen. Your goal is your own. As long as you have one, we’re here to help you on the way.


The truth is, there is not one “makeup industry” but a number of separate businesses and interests that employ makeup artists. Artists can make a living working in salons, for private clients, and for cosmetics companies just as they can by working on TV shows and movies. One of the core values we stress at CMS is versatility. We do our best to expose young artists to every conceivable use of their talents. This is why we devised our Master Makeup Program. In the program, even our hardcore special effects students sit for weeks of top beauty makeup training and vice versa. We want Master graduates to be prepared for work in as many fields as possible, so they graduate with all options still open to them.



CMS does not guarantee job placement; in an industry that is predominantly freelance-based, for anyone to do so would be disingenuous. However, we do stand behind our graduates for every step of their young careers. We offer lifetime graduate mentoring, and our graduates regularly take advantage of this pledge by contacting our directors for career advice and counseling. Space permitting, we also make our facilities available to graduates to work on personal projects, allowing upstart artists to have the support and space of a working lab environment to better realize their first projects.


Succeeding in the makeup business, like any field, requires hard work, dedication, and a certain amount of luck. We try to help our graduates in every way possible. From innovative networking programs like our Protégé Lab Internship, to our policy of hiring working makeup artists as instructors, to our dedication to covering concepts like basic business management and set etiquette in class, we at CMS do our best to position our students for career success.