International Internship Program

In 2018, Cinema Makeup School introduced the International Internship Program, adding to the growing number of opportunities provided to our graduates. This new honors program grants exceptional Cinema Makeup School graduates the unique opportunity to spend four or more weeks teaching Hollywood makeup techniques they learned as students at makeup schools in foreign countries. Additionally, the foreign school provides airfare, lodging, meals, and transportation.

International students observing Nelly Recchia's class


“Cinema Makeup School provides loads of opportunities for their students and graduates. But I have to say, the International Internship Program is the most unique opportunity they offer. I was lucky to be a part of it.” – Mikayla Ruggles, 2018 IIP intern

Read about Mikayla’s full experience here.

Eligibility requirements

During the program, interns will assist instructors in the classroom, help students with English, provide administrative support, and/or perform various tasks that may be added to their makeup resume as requested by the host school. When a new internship is available, we handpick graduates for the program. Firstly, graduates need to complete all relevant prerequisite classes. Furthermore, prospective interns must meet any additional requirements that are needed for each specific internship.

Requirements for the program include:

  • Graduating from Cinema Makeup School
  • Able to teach beauty and/or makeup FX application
  • US Citizenship, along with fluency in English (speak/read/write)
  • No major dietary restrictions*
  • Travelers Insurance with medical provisions

Help spread our knowledge worldwide

Internships run year-round. If you are an interested Cinema Makeup School graduate, we send emails about open internships. So, make sure you are subscribed to receive our emails, or else you could miss out!


*It may be difficult for the host school to accommodate extreme dietary restrictions. Therefore, please inform Cinema Makeup School of any and all medical conditions which may impact your ability to participate in the program. Then, we can try our best to accommodate.