Job Assistance

Cinema Makeup School does not guarantee job placement for graduates. However, we understand the difficulties when beginning a makeup career, which is why we help our students with the job-hunting process. Students who utilize Cinema Makeup School’s job assistance expand their makeup portfolio and move on to larger big-budget projects.


CMS maintains a makeup industry job board, which is continually updated with a wide range of employment opportunities in beauty makeup, fashion makeup, and special effects makeup. In addition to posting these makeup jobs on campus, CMS staff sends out a “Daily Jobs” e-mail detailing the latest makeup opportunities available to our students and graduates.


CMS’s expertise in training makeup artists is well-known in the makeup and entertainment industry. We are approached daily by designers, production teams, and filmmakers looking to hire Cinema Makeup School graduates, exclusively submitted through our website.


Cinema Makeup School also offers opportunities for our graduates to showcase their talents at international makeup competitionsspecial seminars, and media appearances as representatives of the school. These events can provide international exposure to our alumni and serve as an excellent networking experience for future job opportunities.


If you’d like, view some of our graduates’ credits.