Hollywood’s professional makeup school

June 2011

It seems like they came from out of nowhere, creatures and monsters from our worst nightmares and most vivid dreams.  People traveled from near and far to watch as these amazing creatures made their way to the Marriot Burbank Convention Center on April 8-10 for Monsterpalooza 2011.  It is there that monster enthusiasts, creators, designers and actors come together to share a glance into the world of all things horror.

Among the crowd were legendary makeup artists like Ve Neill, Steve Wang, Tom Burman, Jordu Schell, as well as horror screen vets like Catherine Hicks from “Child’s Play” and renowned director Guillermo Del Toro. With names like these walking around, it is only fair to say that media attention was fierce and in full force. Los Angeles’ own KTLA was there bright and early to highlight Cinema Makeup School as graduates Jennifer Quinteros and Robert Lindsay gave a visual demonstration on prosthetic application.

The CMS booth was a popular spot to visit for all those attending, with graduates Christopher Hernandez showing his creature maquette sculpting skills, Sunny Scarlett wowing the crowd with her prosthetic application and Miranda Jory opening eyes to the world of special effects application. With horror fans being awed and impressed, aspiring artists meeting legendary faces and hundreds of pieces of cinematic history being displayed, we’d have to say that Monsterpalooza was a screaming hit.

Australian Film Crew
Recently the Australian Film Crew from Hoyt’s Insider, a Hollywood news program, shot a segment at Cinema Makeup School. Hoyt’s Insider gives an exclusive behind the scenes look at Hollywood actors and productions to movie goers. Their show has featured setments on Tron: Legacy, Burlesque, True Grit, and Unstoppable. Instructor Craig Reardon, 4 Time Emmy Winner who’s work includes The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Poltergeist, and An American Werewolf in London did the application on Hoyt’s Insider host Andrew Günsberg. Graduate Miranda Jory designed and sculpted the creature. She also assisted with the application. This segment will air in theatres before the new Super 8 movie, which, coincidentally, graduate Red Ngoh (mentioned below) was the makeup artist for the press interviews.

American Idol
Instructor Nelly Recchia, assisted by Graduate Liz Mendoza, airbrushed the dancers for Katy Perry’s performance on this season’s American Idol competition. The dancers were in full alien regalia.

Marriott Ceremony
Six of our graduates Laetitia Anguh, Dari So, Tara Daniels, Brenna Deutscher, Ruby Gracey, and Jessica Ortiz were invited to participate in an employee recognition ceremony at the new LA LIVE Marriott in Downtown Los Angeles. Graduates enjoyed making over staff and teaching them how to do versatile looks from 10 minute makeup on the go to a smoky eye for an evening out.

Danish Documentary
A Danish Documentary film crew visited Cinema Makeup School to film an episode of their reality television show about nine dancers.  The nine dancers spent the three months in Los Angeles training and touring different parts of Los Angeles. The dancers spent a day with CMS students and graduates as they did their hair and makeup for a professional photo shoot. The show is reportedly doing extremely well in Denmark.

Star Trek Convention
On Saturday June 11th, Cinema Makeup Students Stephanie McBride, Madison Paul, Anielia Thomas, and Eva Buinowski had the chance to spend an afternoon at an event that was out of this world! The Frank and Son’s Collectible Show was holding their second annual Star Trek Day in the City of Industry and asked CMS to offer show goers the chance to transform into space creatures and beyond. They brought several appliances, but ended up taking some of them apart and creating new makeup ideas. They created aliens to zombies to Avatars and even Hell Boy!  Since they were located right across from the guest stars at the event, they also had the pleasure of meeting Carel Struychen, who played Lurch in The Addams Family, and Larry Hankin, who played Mr. Heckles on Friends.

Turkish Television Station
Film crew and host Kurt Braun from Turkish television station EKSI10 filmed a segment for their show at Cinema Makeup School a couple of weeks ago. They interviewed instructor J.D. Bower and our Director Lee Joyner about Hollywood makeup training in Los Angeles and the rigorous curriculum we offer. Graduate Christine Thompson also had the opportunity to do a prosthetic eyebrow for the host.

Graduates Work
Heather Galipo- Master Makeup Graduate September 2010
Graduate Heather Galipo has recently worked with Bill Oberst on a horror film. She also worked with CMS instructor Greg McDougal to make the vampire pieces for an episode of Vampires vs. Zombies on season 3.

Sherita Garcia- Evening High Fashion Graduate November 2010
November 2010 Graduate Sherita Garcia has participated in several Fashion Shows including “Hearts for Hope Fashion Show” With American Designer Tory Burch, and an LA Fashion week show with designer Costella & Donola. Sherita’s most recent work includes Key Makeup for Busta Rymes, T-Pain, David Banner, and Conglomerate new artist J-Doe for an upcoming music video.

Alicia Mizrahi- Film and Television Graduate December 2010
Alicia Mizrahi recently worked on a Funny or Die short called “fleshlightening” which featured James Hong. She also did a movie trailer called “forever sisters” that brings awareness to the issue of trafficking.
Right now Alicia is working on a feature called “Pretty Rosebud” starring Wolfgang Bodison (A Few Good Men) and James Kyson-ee (Heroes).  She also just finished a short , “J.A.W. (Just Add Water)” , with director, Nate Parker (The Great Debaters) and worked with stars Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Carter Jenkins (Valentine’s day), and Amber Rose.

Red Ngoh- Master Graduate
Master Graduate Red Ngoh had the pleasure of working on the publicity for Super 8 directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. She also worked on an interview with Tom Hanks, styling his hair.

Laetitia Anguh- Master Makeup Graduate January 2011
Laetitia Beyina Anguh was still completing her Master Makeup Course when her work appeared on TLC’s The Unpoppables. She also worked on several music videos including Dujuan Turrentine’s Bad Habit which stars actress Reagan Gomez, along with actors Jackie Long and Vincent Vielufand Hassan Johnson. She has also done hair for actor Jackie Long. Since graduating she has worked with Playboy Intimate, Cello Jeans, AS IS clothing line and just finished her first editorial for Ladies Touch magazine.

Dari A. So- Evening High Fashion Graduate November 2010
Dari has done editorial work in The G.O.O.D.S Magazine (January 2011, March 2011 and June 2011 Issues). Her makeup has also appeared in Afro Style Magazine – June 2011 Issue: “Afro Traditional: The Maasai of East Africa Tanzania & Kenya”, Chiffon Magazine – Summer 2011 Issue “The Magic Issue”,  and ILWYW- Summer Whites 2011. Along with her editorial work she has participated in two LA Fashion Week shows: Alakazia of La Chapeau Designs and Kami Shade’s Untouchable Spring Collection. Also, Dari has leant her expertise to raising money for the victims of the Japanese earthquake by doing makeup for two Japanese Relief Benefit fashion shows: Shin Koyamada Foundation & EM & Co  and Miss Asia USA.

Ritu Janjani- Master October 2010
Ritu Janjani is proud to announce that she is opening India’s first prosthetics makeup institute in Andheri. Ritu completed the Master Makeup course last October and has unwaveringly pursued her dream of bringing special makeup effects courses to India.

Veronica Widyaputri- High Fashion December 2010
Veronica Widyaputri finds herself doing a lot of evening makeup and bridal makeup these days. She has recently done a photo shoot for InStyle Magazine Indonesia June 2011 and a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Indonesia July 2011 edition.

Mayera Abeita- Master Makeup September 2009
Mayera Abeita has been busy on a lot of independent productions, but two of her bigger credits recently are Million Dollar Decorator currently airing on Bravo and American Ninja Warriors in which she applied the hosts makeup for Season 3, airing TBD on the G4 network. Another project Mayera worked with was called Death Method and she was Key Artist.

Daniela Martinez- Professional Makeup 2011
In between working on AFI films and NYFA thesis films, Daniela Martinez worked on a goth metal music video for a group called Torture Souls directed by Vincent McLean.

Alejandro Uribe-Master March 2010
Master Makeup Program graduate Alejandro Uribe has been busy combining his business of inflatables with special makeup effects and latex applications. He does the complete body makeup for the human anchors of his inflatable performances in Colombia.

Tara Daniels-Evening High Fashion March 2011
Tara Daniels recently worked on the Blacmera fashion show and a fashion show for Parris Harris. She also worked on The Croquembouche, a film.

Robert Lindsey
Robert A. Lindsay enjoyed the premiere of his first feature film “The Millennium Bug” at the “Dancing with Films” festival in West Hollywood. Robert was the Makeup Department Head and managing all the Special Makeup FX.

Filomela Varisco- Beauty Makeup graduate
Beauty Graduate Filomela Varisco worked at the Monaco Formula One weekend events and Amber Lounge Fashion Show last month. She was the personal makeup artist to new pop sensation Taio Cruz, who performed that evening. She also did make up for the models.

Matt Sherin– Graduate and CMS Intern Matt Sherin will start working at Boneyard FX in the foam department later this month.