Dick Smith

“The Godfather of Makeup,” Dick Smith was more than just the decorated makeup genius behind classic films like The Exorcist, Taxi Driver and The Godfather. Many of today’s greatest artists attribute their careers to Smith’s influence. From his direct mentorship of young professionals to the behind-the-scenes technical wizardry that revolutionized the look of Hollywood movies to his pioneering education work that established a tradition of openness that has made the makeup world among the most welcoming crafts for young talent, Dick Smith made movie makeup what it is today.

Before his passing, we at Cinema Makeup School had the privilege of working with Dick Smith as the first ever Legends’ Scholarship sponsor. The Dick Smith Scholarship was awarded in 2012 to Wayne Anderson. We have since retired the award in remembrance of Dick Smith’s unparalleled legacy.

We hope that our students’ work, and our continued commitment to providing educational opportunities to worthy young artists can live up to Dick Smith’s example and keep the art of makeup vital for years to come.

In Memoriam:
Dick Smith
“The Godfather of Makeup”

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