Rick Baker

In 2016, legendary makeup artist, Rick Baker agreed to be the namesake for Cinema Makeup School’s Legends of Creature Design scholarship. For two years, the seven-time Oscar-winner volunteered his expertise to offer an unmatched opportunity for creature, character designers. In other words, Rick Baker peered over every detail to hand select each winning concept artist awarded the $10,000 scholarship.

“When I received the announcement that Rick Baker chose my design for the Rick Baker Legends of Creature Design scholarship, my heart stopped. As an avid illustrator and graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, having my work reviewed and refined by Rick Baker, as well as working endless hours on my creature to debut it at San Diego Comic-Con, was an unforgettable opportunity.” – Madison Burger, 2016 Winner

Like Madison, 2017 winner Yun Nam got the chance to bring her creature to life at a major convention: Monsterpalooza. In both cases, Rick offered guidance throughout their creatures’ creation and witnessed their final design on the convention floor.

Rick became the first Academy Award-winner for Best Makeup and Hairstyling in 1982. We’re completely humbled to have him as the first sponsor for the Legends of Creature Design scholarship. Through his help, we were able to give young makeup artists this great opportunity. An opportunity we’ll continue with help from Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero from KNB EFX Group. But, no matter how many sponsors this scholarship has, we couldn’t have done it without the first.

Thank you, Rick.