Lino Stavole works in the middle of murk, magic, monsters, and mathematical madness. Lino creates things using technology. He works as a project supervisor at Spectral Motion and oversees their digital manufacturing. Every day he produces amazing things in concert with groups of talented artists.


He specializes in the collaboration between art and new technology and is knowledgeable in a myriad of different 3d printing and additive manufacturing techniques and methods. Lino has constructed advanced 3d scanning systems in cooperation with the University of Kentucky’s Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments.


He has spoken at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers regarding adopting 3D technologies in the art and entertainment arenas. His goal is to advance the way we create by using innovative fabrication methods (and even developing some new ones).

Credit 1: Lost in Space (TV Series) (Digital manufacturing coordinator – 10 episodes) (2018)

Credit 2: The Orville (TV Series) (Isaac suit fabrication – 1 episode) (2017)

Credit 3: Too Late (special effects coordinator: The Creature Company) (2015)

Credit 4: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (special effects technician: mold department, K.N.B. Effects Group) (2010)

Credit 5: The Final Destination (special effects technician: mold shop, KNB Effects Group) (2009)

Credit 6: The Time Traveler’s Wife (special effects: Tinsley Transfers Effects Studio) (2009)

Credit 7: Deja Vu (special effects technician: mold department, K.N.B Effects Group) (2006)

Credit 8: The Island (mold/lab technician: K.N.B. EFX Group) (2005)