Master Makeup is Cinema Makeup School’s most popular diploma program. Starting with beauty and ending with Special Makeup Effects, Master Makeup graduates leave school prepared to set out on nearly any career in the makeup industry. This course is constantly updated to reflect the latest advances and techniques in the makeup industry.

Master Makeup Program Tuition

Beauty Makeup$4,525
Airbrush Makeup$1,130
Photographic Hairstyling$965
Character Makeup$5,090
Prosthetic Makeup$5,510
Special Makeup Effects$5,410


Lab Fee


*CMS Materials (suggested)






Master Makeup Program Duration

18 Weeks36 WeeksMon – Fri



While materials are required for class, students are welcome to purchase makeup kits directly from Cinema Makeup School or may choose to put together a makeup kit on their own. Below are the makeup kits and supplied needed for this program.

Beauty KitAirbrush Kit  |  Hairstyling Kit  |  Character Kit  |  Prosthetic/SFX Kit

Advanced Lab classes may be held off-site. Students will be responsible to provide their own transportation.

* * -Total durations are estimates of class days and do not reflect academic breaks or additional days for honors programs.

☨-“Total” includes tuition, lab fees, and materials which break down as follows: $23675 tuition, $4,075 lab fee, + $2,700 materials fee. Students may also be subject to a $100 registration fee (all non-VA applicants), a $100 I-20 processing fee (all international applicants for an M1 student visa), and potential additional costs for common expendable items like tissues as needed in class, as well as certain optional equipment purchases made through the CMS store.