Advanced Lab Techniques

This set of four weeklong advanced lab modules offering practical, hands on instruction in techniques related specifically to work in a modern special effects lab such as full-head silicone lifecasting, clay pouring, epoxy moldmaking and more. All of these techniques are explored under the supervision and guidance of seasoned lab professionals on site at a rotating selection of Hollywood’s top makeup effects labs. Students who take all four modules will produce a finished, photorealistic silicone severed head at the end of the four weeks.


Module I – Full-head silicone lifecasting; rigid polyfoam-backed clay pour of the lifecast; sculpting and detailing; discussion and demonstration of bladder effects.

Module II – Making a 2-piece fiberglass/syntactic mold of your fake head; discussion of fiberglass vs. syntactic vs. 1630 molds; laying up and making a core for your mold; direct mold Pros-Aide and silicone transfers

Module III – Casting your skin in silicone; discussion of vacuformed teeth, eyes nails; backing your silicone skin with soft polyfoam; seaming and patching the silicone skin; silicone painting

Module IV – Open lab at CMS: finishing your head; additional painting; hand punching hair; this week offers semi-directed lab time for students to complete their fake heads

Class Duration

ALT I 1 week
ALT II 1 week
ALT III 1 week
ALT IV 1 week

PREREQUISITE: Students attempting to take A.L.T. classes must have either completed both Prosthetic Makeup and Special Makeup Effects at CMS or submit to a portfolio review of past work.


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Tuition $5,300
Lab Fee $2,000
Total $7,300

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