Sketch & Paint Techniques

Starting 2018, Cinema Makeup School’s offers a one-week workshop supplying attendees with illustration and painting skills from industry professionals. More importantly, skills taught in this class have a wide range of practical industry application including, but not limited to, character design, creature anatomy, and foam latex painting.

Additionally, for students enrolled in Prosthetic Makeup or Special Makeup Effects, these drawing and painting techniques offer extra preparation for those students’ respective finals. Furthermore, this class is a great refresher for creature creation and additional painting techniques for those who have already completed a CMS program or track.

Course Description

Beginning day one, the sketch portion of this class is designed to give attendees the tools to create a unique creature that can be brought to life in Special Makeup Effects, ZBrush, or Creature Maquette Sculpting. While using their own materials, individuals will learn the basics in human anatomy, along with expression, texture, and color harmony. As a result, they have the opportunity to truly customize their creature and character designs.

Once you have your creature design, student’s transition to painting techniques. In addition to learning basic makeup painting techniques, workshop students practice blending paints for practical application, like matching skin pigments. Moreover, students implement said techniques to paint foam latex appliances. Therefore, anyone seriously pursuing a career as a makeup artist, these skills are invaluable.

Jarett Fajardo's sketch class Makeup student painting prosthetic Michael Spatola SFX makeup demo
Michael Spatola SFX makeup demo Jarett Fajardo's sketches and illustrations


Now, if you’re having a hard trouble envisioning how this class can benefit makeup effect artists, take a look at the photos below. Recently, CMS graduate, Amanda Sharp, took our sketch class. Then, she applied her creature design to her Creature Maquette Sculpting class. Finally, she brought the creature to live for her Special Makeup Effects final!

“I took sketch with Jarett the 2nd week of classes. During the class, I created a design I used in maquette with Don Lanning and Digital FX. Then, I refined the sketch and used the design for Special Makeup Effects. Basically, I developed a character and concept I could evolve and rework as I went through classes for 7 months.” – Amanda Sharp, Graduate

Creature sketch by graduate Amanda Sharp Creature maquette by graduate Amanda Sharp Special Makeup Effects final by graduate Amanda Sharp

Cost and Availability

Classes are held monthly and cost $1000. With that said, our makeup classes fill fast. Therefore, please email [email protected] for availability if interested.