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Lab Internship Protege Program

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For select students who desire a career in fx makeup labs, Cinema Makeup School offers a one of a kind opportunity, our Protégé Program. CMS partners with professional fx studios worldwide to create opportunities for exclusive internships in their facilities. Acceptance is based on the student’s passion for fx, instructor recommendation and fulfillment of having taken eight weeks of CMS lab courses. The more classes the student takes at CMS, the better the chances of being chosen.

Past participants have gone on to successfully transition to longer-term positions. Protégé is both a unique learning experience and a tremendous opportunity.

“Hosting interns in a working makeup effects studio can be risky. Newbies can slow down the process. They can actually create more work because they need their hands held every step of the way. That’s why I was so pleased by the performance of the interns who came to us through Cinema Makeup School. Not only were they enthusiastic, serious and hard working…they had skills. If they represent the caliber of students coming out of Cinema Makeup School, I have high hopes for the future of the craft!” Alec Gillis

Oscar-winning SFX Artist
co-founder of A.D.I. Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.