This 4-week class is designed to teach students the process of realistic silicone prosthetic makeup creation & application from start to finish. Students will have the opportunity to learn in a working lab using the techniques and materials that are industry standards for film & TV.


Prosthetic Makeup Tuition

Lab Fee




*CMS Materials (suggested)







4 Weeks140 Clock HoursMon – Fri



Topics Include: Translucent Appliances, lifecasting, sculpting & moldmaking, foam latex and application.

There are no prerequisites.

Click here for schedule of dates and cost breakdown.

Materials are required for class. Students are welcome to purchase pre-packaged makeup kits from Cinema Makeup School or may choose to put together a makeup kit on their own. Click through the makeup kits below to see required materials.


While taking the prosthetic’s course you will need the materials from either of the following makeup kits below. Depending on whether you have received another prior overlapping kit you may only need supplemental materials.

Prosthetics Kit / Supplemental Prosthetics Kit+

+ required without purchase of character kit

Kemper Loop Tool #D9
Kemper Tool #B3
Kemper Double Ball Stylus Large
Kemper Double Ball Stylus Medium
Kemper Tool #21
Kemper Fettling Knife #97
Kens Tool ST4 X-Heavy Guitar Tool
Kens Tool #ST6 Rake
Yellow Sponge
Small Dental Spatula
Large Dental Spatula
Wax Spatula
Flat Kidney Tool
Tooth Kidney Tool
Wire Clay Cutter
Dust Mask
CMS Prosthetic Book
Safety Glasses
PTM Material
Blue Bucket 5 quart

For students who choose to take Prosthetic and/or Special Effects Makeup without purchasing a Character Makeup kit, the following supplemental materials are required.

Black Sponge (2)
Orange Sponge (2)
Metal Cups
Synthetic Brush Set
Large Tweezer
Iris Curved Scissors
Makeup Sponges (2)
Sopropyl Myristate 6oz (2)
KY Jelly
ProsAide 6 oz (2)
PPI Telesis 8 Adhesive
PPI Telesis 8 Thinner
Rubber Grease Paint Palette (2)
99% Alcohol 8ox (2)
Vinyl Bald Cap
Powder Puffs (4)
Translucent Powder
PPI Skin Illustrator Palettes (2)