Hollywood’s professional makeup school

September 2010

IMATS 2010
For those of you who missed us at the Pasadena IMATS this year, we send our regrets, for it was a huge hit and a rockin’ good time! Not only was our booth location more accessible, but we bumped it up a notch in aesthetics as well with new and improved CMS banners featuring graduate work, an HD TV, information booths and 2 demo tables. On the Special FX side of our booth, Instructors J.D. Bowers and Greg McDougall conducted some creepy creations like a face full of scars, a withered zombie, a mutant makeup and a zombie face painting, which had onlookers and professionals both stopping by to say hello and enjoy a quick photo-op. The Beauty/Fantasy demos that were done by Nelly Recchia and Mireille Bertrand were also snapshot-worthy; stunning people in their tracks and landing them each advertisement spots for upcoming IMATS events on makeupmag.com.

Not only was the booth packed with makeup maniacs from around the globe, but it was a perfect opportunity to spot the legendary Mr. Dick Smith himself, he made a special surprise appearance to support The Dick Smith Legends of Makeup Scholarship that CMS is now offering. But that wasn’t the only picture perfect moment; wowing the judges and the crowds, special congratulations goes out to graduates Tuesday Coren and Miranda Jory for their 1st and 2nd place achievements in the Beauty/Fantasy Makeup Student Competition and to Chikako Kitaba’s for her entry in the Character/ Prosthetic Student Competition. Tuesday placed 1st for her “White Rabbit” inspired look and Miranda placed 2nd for her “Queen of Hearts” inspired look. Tuesday’s  2nd place winning Gothic Makeup look from last year is the IMATS L.A. advertisement for 2011.

CMS News
It is with deep sadness that we announce the retirement of our beloved Director of Education, Leonard Engelman. We will miss him and would like to thank him for his years of priceless and honored contributions to Cinema Makeup School and the many wonderful memories.

Another pat on the back goes out to CMS instructor Nelly Recchia for her spread in Makeup Artist Magazine Issue #86! Nelly’s work not only graced the front cover, but was featured in an article entitled “Dark Beauty” on her versatile and stunning design skills as an award- winning make-up artist. A shout out to instructor Mireille Bertand, her beautiful work was featured as the advertisement for the 2010 Sydney IMATS.

CMS is proud to be featured as the best makeup school in the country/city according to EBS TV‘s (Korean television channel) new show, “World Advanced Education.” EBS is like PBS in South Korea and is not only popular among young adults and their parents, but is 1 of the 4 stations available to all TVs in Korea without an extra fee.

Our infamous seminars made a comeback recently, as we teamed up with Industry leading ladies, 3 time Oscar winner Ve Neill and multi- award winner in European Makeup and Body Art competitions Nelly Recchia, for the Professors of Korea Pro Makeup and students of Tokyo Visual Arts. Applying an amazing old age makeup, Ve Neill offered some new tips and with her “Older by the Minute” demo, as Nelly Recchia let the cat out of the bag with a creative cheetah inspired, fashion forward look.

Graduate/Student Work
CMS was recently contacted to do makeup/hair for the second annual event “LA’s Fashion Night Out” featuring 100 models, 50 designers, and 40 runway shows.  Instructor Mirielle Bertrandand graduates Melia ValerosJennifer GodinezCorine Cruz,Kristina Katai and Jenny Kong as the team supervisor, did it up big time at the SLS Hotel in West Hollywood for such sponsors as Fox, Style, M.A.C., LA Weekly, Vitamin Water, Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, Kami Shade and more.

Working fashion shows, photo shoots, and sweet sixteen celebrations on the weekends, Johanna Ortiz is keeping busy while enjoying the variety of events the Industry has to offer. Christopher Hernandez is currently working at Rick Baker’s Cinovation studios, making silicone appliances for the upcoming “Men in Black 3.” Cinovation studios is known for such special effects in Norbit, Click, Hellboy, Planet of the Apes, and Both Men in Black 1 & 2, to name a few.

Grossman Burn Center was recently packed with CMS’ers as Graduate Miranda Jory led a team of CMS Students to apply 4 different types of body covering burns that were assigned by the burn center to help in the education of its students.

2009 Master graduate Ali Magee was the Department Head/Key MUA for an Independent short called “Slashers 101,”a spoof on classic 80’s horror movies. Applying gun shots, stab wounds, slit throats, and beauty makeup, the film was a bloody good time on location in Big Bear, CA.