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September 2014

Enews is back! We have been on a short hiatus, but we have returned and are ready to give you the inside scoop on all things Cinema Makeup School. The past few months have been filled with several fantastic convention appearances, tons of great graduate work, and many special school events!

 School News:

Famed Effects Artist Howard Burger comes to CMS!

In June, students, graduates, and friends of the school were invited to watch a makeup demonstration by Oscar winning effects artist and KMB EFX co-founder, Howard Burger. Howard’s credits include “The Walking Dead”, The Amazing Spider Man 2”, and many more. For his demonstration, Howard recreated a makeup look from the hit AMC series “Breaking Bad” that he did on the show’s characterm, Jesse Pinkman. The audience sat in awe as Howard applied the makeup and shared a few of his exciting life stories. 

Comic-Con 2014

July brought the annual Comic-Con International to San Diego Ca, and CMS was ready to impress with some extraordinary makeup designs. The convention kicked off on a Thursday evening with a pre-show for special guests. That night, our Director of Admissions, Lee Joyner, in collaboration with Walter Welsh, Kelton Ching, and Robert Anderson debuted their “Apocolypse” make-up on model Mick Ignis. “Apocolypse” towered over the crowd, featured an elaborate foam bodysuit, and a colossal armor piece. The intricate foam facial pieces were designed and sculpted by Lee. CMS graduates Welsh and Ching were tasked with creating the bodysuit and armor. The custom built suit was formed by stenciling and cutting out pieces of EVA foam floor matting that was then arranged inside a stretchy fabric bodysuit. Mick, who normally stands at a very slender 6 feet tall, was transformed into a 7 foot tall muscular superhero. Throughout the weekend, Joyner, with the help of Welsh, Ching, and Robert Anderson, applied and painted the foam pieces to bring “Apocolypse” to life. “Apocolypse” was a major hit, drawing huge crowds whenever he roamed the convention floor.

The weekend also saw fantastic work from many other CMS graduates. Miya Tamlyn, assisted by Mossemon Manson, with special help from Mo Meinhart and Rob Seal, created famed comic book character, “Darkchylde”. Model Kat Sheridan’s transformation into “Darkchylde” included an application of foam horns and prosthetic foam face pieces. The most eye-catching part of the costume were the incredible sculpted hooves! Last year’s hit makeup design “The Death of the Family Joker New 52” also made a return to the Comic-con floor. CMS graduate Karen Ordonez applied and painted the pieces onto model Levi Estrada. Karen also debuted her “Harley Quinn” makeup design, a collaboration with Lee Joyner. It was very entertaining watching both Harley and the Joker roam the convention floor together.

Son of Monsterpalooza 2014

CMS graduates stunned at this year’s Son of Monsterpalooza in Burbank, Ca. Sioux Sinclair and Jason Adcock, created the chilling “Victorian Ghoul” complete with a beautiful Victorian style wig and costume. To make the prosthetic face pieces, Sioux and Jason were assisted in the lab by fellow graduates Diego Rodriquez and Michel Gerala. Sioux and Jason applied the makeup on model Kasia Kowalsczyk.

Later in the weekend, CMS graduate Joo Hyung Choi, assisted by Michel Gerala, created the bloody “Zombie Werewolf” makeup. Miya Tamlyn stunned audiences once again with her “Darkchylde” makeup demonstration. Lastly, the CMS booth featured a very special demonstration by FaceOff’s Sasha Glasser, assisted by FaceOff alum and CMS graduate Miranda Jory. They transformed model Nayeli Morales into “Skellafly”, a beautiful blue skeletal butterfly creature. 

Ve Neill Visit

Three-time academy award winner and SyFy network’s FaceOff judge, Ve Neill, stopped by CMS to teach a few classes. Ve simulated injury makeup for students in our Character class. She also provided some constructive criticism to students working on their Special Effects finals. What a pleasure it was for CMS students to learn under one of the leading makeup artists in the industry!

FaceOff Auditions

SyFy’s hit show FaceOff is currently looking for new makeup artists to join the series. The show is casting now! If you think you have what it takes, follow the link below to see get information on applying:


Graduate News:

Julia Chemij, one of our recent graduates and Protégé Program interns, recently returned to her hometown in Canada. While visiting, she snagged a job as a lab technician for the lab in charge of special effects for NBC’s TV hit show, “Hannibal”. 

CMS graduate Walter Welsh, recently began working as a lab technician and runner at Barney Burman’s special effects lab B2FX helping with NBC’s hit show Grimm.

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Halloween Fright Feast is fully underway, and many of our graduates are lending a hand to creating terrifying monsters, zombies, and more! CMS grads Erica Prius, Mo Meinhart, Jamie Leodones, Karen Ordonez, Veronica Ibarra, Katie Machaick, Amy Weiner, Holly Russell, Shay Reger, Sioux Sinclair, Jason Adcock, Quinten Cifelli, Mary Malice, and Alanna Suen are all working the weekly events.

Steve Wang and Eddie Yang of Alliance Studio enlisted the help of a group of our graduates for a project for the E3 Video Game Expo. CMS graduates Jamie Leodones, Karen Ordonez, Jason Adcock, Anthony Parker, and Taylor Jackson all worked with Steve and Eddie to mold and cast for a display piece for the video game “World of Tanks”.  

Congratulations to our graduate Courtney Ullrich for reaching union status! She is now a member of the Local 706 Hair Union!