Hollywood’s professional makeup school

February 2005

Professional Makeup Graduate student Sarah Egan, after moving to New York City upon graduation, has recently been working on NBC’s Saturday Night Live set applying makeup for extras, saying “ All that schooling finally made them take me seriously.”

Misook Koo, recent Master Makeup graduate, has finished working in the lab and on set with Tobe Hooper’s new horror film Mortuary. She is now working with graduate student Rochelle Kneisley on a creature film.

Dennis Ramirez, another recent Master Makeup graduate student, is now working with Academy Award and Emmy winnerMatthew Mungle in his shop, WM Creations, who has created appliances and creatures for such projects as Frances Ford Coppola’s Dracula, Edward Scissorhands, Natural Born Killers, Red Dragon, Daredevil, and television series such as “X-Files” and “CSI”.

Michael Perlow, recent Prosthetics and Special Effects class graduate, is now working on the feature film The Storyteller, along with recent Master Makeup graduate Eddy Lopez, starring Michael Barryman and Dina Mayer.

In October 2004, Michelle Bankson and Amy Strozzi, graduates from the 2003 Master Makeup program, finished keying an independent feature film called The Hard Easy. This ensemble cast featured David Boreanaz and Nick Lachey as well as several other notable celebrity actors such as Gary Busey, Bruce Dern, Peter Weller and Henry Thomas. Both these grad students have seen much success in the industry, individually and also as a team. Amy did work on Kanye West’s video “Jesus Walks.” Michelle worked on Duran Duran’s video “What Happens Tomorrow” and is on the team for various television appearances as well as music videos for such notables as Britney Spears and Elton John. When not out working on projects, they can be found helping out CMS as we adjust to the new expansion.

Graduate Student, Heather Hera Kim did makeup for popular Korean actor Mr. Sang-Woo Kwon in New York City for a photo shoot this past November.

Rochelle Kneisley (graduate 2003 Master Program) has been working extensively since her graduation, keying many projects. She has also been helping fellow graduate students (Laura Blackburn and Dennis Ramirez)get their foot in the door by hiring them to assist with her on the independent feature Never Say Macbeth. Rochelle, along with Jelena Marsinic (another CMS graduate), also finished assisting makeup artist Alex Noble on House of Grimm, featuring veteran horror actor Tony Todd, of Candyman and Night of the Living Dead remake fame.

Current Master Makeup student Erin Draney has secured the prosthetics and creature fx for the film Death Valley,
working with fellow students Aubrey Jensen, Bria Dorsen and Sarah Kowalick.

Yuri Kondo, Cindi Rodriguez, Eddie Inda, Manny Lejas and Sabrena
worked with student Scott Ham on a tv show for the new Horror Channel, applying prosthetics, character makeup and beauty makeup, transforming actors into horrible ghouls and ghosts.

Finally, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s annual Halloween charity party’s make-up was done by Cinema Makeup School’s own Laura Blackburn, Dennis Ramirez and Helena Ungaro.

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