This special three-week class is designed for experienced beauty artists who want to elevate their crafts. Makeups are assessed in intense detail. Students are given extra freedom to push the boundaries of beauty makeup and create their own editorial concepts.


Module I

Full-head silicone lifecasting; rigid polyfoam-backed clay pour of the lifecast; sculpting and detailing; discussion and demonstration of bladder effects


Module II

Making a 2-piece fiberglass/syntactic mold of your fake head; discussion of fiberglass vs. syntactic vs. 1630 molds; laying up and making a core for your mold; direct mold Pros-Aide and silicone transfers


Module III

Casting your skin in silicone; discussion of vacuformed teeth, eyes nails; backing your silicone skin with soft polyfoam; seaming and patching the silicone skin; silicone painting


Module IV

Open lab at CMS: finishing your head; additional painting; hand punching hair; this week offers semi-directed lab time for students to complete their fake heads

Class Duration

ALT I1 week
ALT II1 week
ALT III1 week
ALT IV1 week

PREREQUISITE: Students attempting to take ALT classes must have either completed both Prosthetic Makeup and Special Makeup Effects at CMS or submit to a portfolio review of past work.


Lab Fee$2,000