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Although Cinema Makeup School does not offer on-site housing, our team works tirelessly to research the best accommodations for our incoming domestic and international students. On this page, you will find multiple housing options available to you, varying in size, price, and proximity to our campus*. We hope this comprehensive guide will ease you into the process of relocating to beautiful Los Angeles, CA, for you and your families. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have to the best of our ability.

*All listings provided are on a first come, first served basis and the availability of these options are subject to change.*

Housing & Information

We are located near the Film and Entertainment Capital of the world, Hollywood, Los Angeles! Home to many attractions and many housing options. Please review the current offerings below that are conveniently located close to our campus in Los Angeles!
Cinema Makeup School has a multitude of students who come from around the country and all around the world to attend our school! With each new start date, we have multiple students who are looking for roommates to stay with for the duration of their time at CMS. We have a board on campus located in our school’s kitchen area with potential roommate and housing options and we support and provide resources that may help you find a roommate. However, we cannot ensure a roommate will be found or that the housing options listed will always be available as it is limited. If you need any additional help, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].
If you are attending one of our more extensive programs, we would recommend looking into the Apartments and Co-living options listed on our website instead of hotels surrounding our area. We suggest these options due to most of the hotels around our campus don’t allow more than a 90 Day stay. Here are some housing options or websites that are more favorable. However, housing decisions are decided by the student alone. We here at Cinema Makeup School are not affiliated with any of the housing options listed and are not responsible for the chosen living situation. We only provide resources and suggestions we have received over the years from our past students and graduates to guide you on your journey with us and CMS.”

Luckily for you there are multiple ways to get to the school by public transit! We have the Metro Purple line station located right across from our school’s location on the southeast corner of Wilshire and Western and the metro purple line station is located on the northeast corner of Wilshire and Western.

There are multiple Bus stops surrounding the school as well, such as the 720, 207, 210 and the 66-metro bus at the corners of Wilshire and Western.

Another great and useful tool to help you navigate around Los Angeles is the app Transit! This app helps you get to and from your destination! Transit is a mobile app providing real-time public transit data. The app functions in over 175 metropolitan areas around the world, including Los Angeles! It offers users schedules and alerts for multiple modes of transportation including bus and train schedules.

If you are an international student, we highly recommend looking at these other very useful apps to make your stay in Los Angeles even better! The Yelp app is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink and explore the area! This Unit Converter app assists you in converting Currency, Temperature, Time, Weight/Mass and many more to help you get accustomed to US units. This Translator app can translate text and voice content in over 70 languages. You can also download languages, which allows you to translate content without an internet connection!

Transit App
Unit Converter
Microsoft Translator

While Cinema Makeup School does not have its own personal parking lot, there are wonderful parking options available around the school. Located on the other side of the street is The Mercury Parking Lot which offers an $80 monthly pass. Another option is the Ralphs parking lot located behind the school for $120 a month as well. These are options for our previous students and current staff have utilized however, please be aware that Cinema Makeup School is not affiliated with these parking structures, and we highly suggest doing your own research of the area to see what best fits your needs.


Luna / 3640 Wilshire /
(0.3 miles, 7-minute walk or 2-minute drive to the school)
Kingsley Tower Apartments / 750 S Kingsley Dr /
(0.8 Miles, 19-minute walk or 5-minute drive to the school)
Fedora x Trilby / 832 S Mariposa Ave /
(0.9 Miles, 20-minute walk or 6-minute drive to the school)
The Arden / 3921 Wilshire Blvd /
(0.2 Miles, 6-minute walk or 2-minute drive to the school)    
Gemma Ktown Apartments / 3540 Wilshire Blvd / /
(0.4 miles, 10-minute walk or 2-minute drive to the school) 
The Los Altos Apartments / 4121 Wilshire Blvd / /
(0.5 miles, 11-minute walk or 3-minute drive to the school) 

Co-Living Options

Gosota / Koreatown /
(1.5 miles, 30-minute walk or 15-minute drive, near the Wilshire/Vermont Metro Station) 

Treehouse / Hollywood /
(3.3 miles, 15-minute drive to the school, near the Hollywood/Western Station) 


(These options/prices are only at a 4 week stay)

Libra Hotel / Koreatown /
(0.2 miles, 5-minute walk to the school, on the more affordable side, close to $1000 for a 4 week stay, would recommend this hotel for any student doing either the creature concept design program, Character, Special Effects, Prosthetics) 
Shelter Hotels / Los Angeles /
(0.8 Miles, 19-minute walk to the school, Medium Price Range on the more expensive side, 4 weeks stay equals to about a $4,600+)
Garden Suite Hotel / Koreatown /
(350ft, 2-minute walk to the school, on the more expensive side, not very student budget friendly, 4 weeks stay equals to about a $5,500+)
The H by H Hospitality / Koreatown /
(0.9 Miles, 20-minute walk to the School, on the more expensive side, not very student budget friendly, 4 weeks stay equals to about a $5,500+)
The Line LA / Koreatown /
(0.5 Miles, 12-minute walk to the school, on the more expensive side, not very student budget friendly, each nights stay is up to $250-350)
Oxford Palace Hotel / Koreatown /
(0.3 Mile, 7-minute walk to the School, On the more expensive side, not very student budget friendly, 4-week stay is about $7,700+)

Vrbo Reccommendations

Downtown LA Apartment / Fashion District /
(Available for October complete track start date) (about $13,000, about $1,800 a month)
LA Apartment / Los Feliz /
(Available for the September Complete Track Start Date) (about $15,500, about $2,200 a month)

Airbnb Reccommendations

Private Studio / Koreatown /
(1.3 Miles, about a 30 min walk or a 6-minute drive to the Wiltern)
Private Studio / Downtown /
(Near 7th Street and Metro Center)


Hostel / Wilshire Center /
(Near 7th Street and Metro Center)

Other Housing Options:

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